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After 8 months in China and 3 months in India, I'm making my triumphant return to New York--if only for a few days. I lived here for 2 years, so I know the basics, but I wanted to see if any of you know of anything I should not miss while I'm here. First, and I know this is asking a lot-- does anybody know of any sales on *women's* clothing this week? Second, what's going on in the city? What should I not miss while I'm here? I'm planning on hitting some...
My mother is diabetic, so I didn't grow up with any regular soda--it tastes waaaay too sweet for me. When I lived in China, I'd drink 2-4 diet cokes every day. My students told me I was going to get fat. They didn't understand the difference between diet and regular. Here in India, mostly because diet sodas are less available (not within walking distance of my apartment or job and not served at most restaurants) I only drink about one a week. I haven't noticed any...
Isn't it the same with designer anything?
For what it's worth, I'm researching some leads on tailors (and pearls, AlanC ) here in Hyderabad. I'll be sure to post anything worth mentioning. ...mid-June cannot come soon enough--this heat is killing me--bring on the monsoon!
Thank you for your wishes, Steve I'm much more concerned about Tom turning into a dirty old man than you.
Oh no, poor Ricky. Now he's *never* going to finish all those orders for you guys! He'll be too busy answering the phones
Forgot to mention this. Two of my professors in school created the "Fine Art Index" which tracked art sales from the major auction houses. I think it outperformed the S&P most of the time. Kinda takes the soul out of art collecting though, huh? Sara
I like it except for the blue on blue. And it looks a little sloppy to me, not sure whether it's the wrinkles or the tie or what. Other than that, high marks for originality. Sara
I don't know anything about art, or art collecting, but I did enjoy Umberto Eco's History of Beauty. The book talks about the changing perception of beauty (through art) over time. Come to think of it, it might be more of a philosophical work than an art book. Still very interesting. You can read about it here: Sara
I'm sure Goodwill or Salvation Army would take them. They take just about anything.
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