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Also, I would be more than happy to negotiate on the prices but I will not give them away Thanks again for peoples advice and kind words.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimfan Thanks. I have posted on a few other forums too. Take care. Thank you for the kind words
Quote: Originally Posted by kevenmee lol, while your prices may be well below flightclubs - their prices are rape as well your colettes are worth 350. 400 TOPS and thats still paying a little more then they're worth. those toothpaste pack go for about 400 as well. The "legendary atmos" collab goes for less then 150 on ebay and theyre probably still on a few sites as well for about 99 + shipping EDIT: toothpaste pack usually go for 350...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brad All of those are super sweet. I wish you wore a 9.5. I can't imagine you'll get a lot of takers here, but good luck nonetheless. Thanks. I have posted on a few other forums too. Take care.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive We're being rough on you today. You seem like a nice guy and I hope you are able to move these. Interesting as I thought all New Balance was made in the USA Thanks! I can take a bit of toughness. It's the people that FREAK out when questioned that you must worry about
Quote: Originally Posted by adidassler nice rare shoes.. but i doubt this is the best forum to sell em. try hypebeast or iss, good luck Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Geno Malkin you're nuts Really why? My prices are below Fight Club and any other retail market out there. Please explain why I am nuts. I'll wait...
Need room in my closet so I am selling a handful of beautiful RARE New Balance shoes. All pairs are brand new, never worn and are in MINT condition. Discounts offered for multiple pair purchases. Please email me at with questions or offers. Payment: All credit cards and Google Checkout New Balance 1500 x La MJC x Colette Size: 11.5 US To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of La MJC, they have hooked up with Colette to design a pair of New...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Dude, there's no way you wore those once sorry to be a hater You are not a hater, no worries. Some very nice Allen Edmonds on your store, BTW.
They were worn once at an event where I really did alot of walking, for about 12 hours. I was MC at an auction. I did walk about 5 blocks from the parking garage to the event and from the event back to the parking garage. It was a sunny day and I was not running through gravel The sides of the heel and sides of the sole would show OBVIOUS wear IF these were worn multiple times, which they do not. Thanks for looking.
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