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Eternal 811. Because it's still 2005 to me?
Shitty styleforum fits is really pretty funny, thanks for that. Also, the TOJ storm is really just the most amazing thing ever. I know, there is a thread for it, but I just didn't want to shit that thread up any more than it already is. Drew's screed was... telling. It had sincerity but also the lies and storytelling of a crack addict, especially at the end.
Almost everyone who posts on this thread seems like an imaginary person. James Hyams (A journalist for the Korean Observer) doesn't know about Korean dual citizenship (not saying it is easy to get, but I have dual citizenship, as do my parents), 134 (or more) folks without jackets, Cellardoor spelling surely shorely.. Then of course you got Drew messaging Uncontrol of all people. This is a surreal thread.
Hey man, I have no skin in this game at all. I don't own any TOJ products. I won't post here again- back to lurking.
I think this is it, and it is completely clear to me now. Amazing that it has been two years, and it took Charlie's words to open my eyes. It seems others saw this from a mile away, but I was completely snowed.This has been an epic drama- going from admiring Drew for his company and his product (and maybe feeling a little pity for him for his hearing loss), to finally realizing that he has become a greedy and amoral grifter who in the end will probably get away with all of...
I never graduated, I still only wear raw or one-wash denim, and almost every single day. That said, I haven't bought a new pair of jeans in almost five years. I bought maybe 6-7 pairs of jeans that I never wore before i had a kid, and I'm working through them right now. If I don't get my jeans repaired (love the Japanese denim thing, but I hate cotton thread- I mean, I like the details, but this detail just blows), I probably have another 5 years before I would consider...
Listening to Aphex Twin as I read this thread, and this crazy bobblehead is a perfect visual accompaniment.
15924+12 = 15936
15811+15 = 15826
15659 + 63 = 15722I am not proud to say those 63 are all I've done for about two weeks. Gotta get back to daily pull-ups...
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