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Some slim bow ties came into the shop, I couldn't resist
Vintage Ties Made in France 100% Silk 9 cm Wide at bottom $15 + Shipping (Paypal preffered) PM for details[/CENTER]
PUT ON EBAY ( Vintage pre tied bow ties. 100% SIlk Made in France New Old Stock Width - 11cm, Height - 4cm $15 + shipping Paypal preffered PM for details
Got my CK blazer, very nice, as described.... THANKS...
Frame measurements?
Cartier money clip. 200 euro Hardly used like new condition (99%) comes with pouch, box. 100% authentic guaranteed. Retails for 400 euro, price 200 euro, PAYPAL accepted
Quote: Originally Posted by Vitaly Игорь, а я вам по- русски отвечу, смехотворно только для вас))) Я к Вам уважение утратил еще на так что не утруждайте себя комментами моих фоток, мне они не интересны.. There is a site???? really
Just couldn't resist not wearing the Mrs. Jawbreaks cufflinks, and in addition its my B-Day so Ill wear whatever the hell I want.
Autumn colors for Thursday
Mrs. Jawbreak picked up some Y-3 shirts and jersey while at HQ..
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