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Nice one!MZ: Let us know your experiences with Camile Fournet or ABP Paris. I've heard of both, but not used their services.
True; I was going by what seems to generate the most chatter and the overall tone of the conversation. Except for the Oysterquartz, most of the discussion has been of mechanical watches because this is what people put value on in this thread. I think we'd have been more interested to discuss the Blancpain and not the Technomarine, even if it did have high service costs!
I love the two VCs. The Malte is the more affordable of the two (~USD30K); the Historiques Toledo (which I really prefer) is too expensive for mere mortals like I - probably over USD40K (all the Historiques watches, like the American 1921 are IMHO stratospherically priced).
To be polite, I think this is the wrong place for this discussion. Not trying to say your opinion isn't valid; rather that the whole point of this thread was to discuss mechanical time pieces from mid tier (Omega, Rolex, Panerai, etc) to upper tier (Patek, AP, VC, Lange, etc) makers. So unless you're trolling (4/1?), it's probably not worth your time trying to argue your point, as the posters in this thread (including myself) are unlikely to be persuaded.
I stand corrected re: watch shape. I was struggling for the right description, but "rectangular case with scalloped sides" sounds better. I like rectangular and square watches and like this rendition very much. The model I saw at the watch dealers was very finely finished, with a mixture of brushed and polished surfaces, nice curves around the edges of the case, etc. Definitely a strong contender if you were looking for something with this form, but already had something...
I like it, but it's certainly not a classic (sic: conservative) design. It's one of those watches that you really have to love to buy one, given that it's not "safe". Still love the artistry of the moon phase, even if I'm not enamoured of the monster case size!I saw an earlier version of the tonneau-shaped Emperadors at a second-hand watch dealers' over the weekend; quite discreet and classic. Did you see any of the newer versions?
Nice Yacht Club. Whats the case size on that one? I remember trying it once but found it too large for my 6.75" wrist.
Very nice! 36mm case size I take it?
Dino, have you seen the Emperador line of Piagets? Dualtime: Moonphase: I like the unique cushion-shaped case and the finishing on the dials have a very modern/contemporary edge to them...I tried on the Dualtime and it definitely has wrist presence and some real oomph behind the design. I just wish the case for the Moonphase weren't so damn big (46.5mm!). Here's a close-up of the unique treatment/texture given to the moon phase sub-dial; it reminds me of the thick,...
Thinking on it, I think my Mum's polo was probably from the original 1980s line (I think she received it as a gift from my Dad in the late 1980s/early 1990s; my memory is hazy!)...in white and yellow gold, looking much like this:...And your are right that it's a quartz. I still think the earlier, less "muscular" design has a lot more charm and polish to it. The more recent offerings are a bit more brutish, and seem to be riding the recent fad for larger case sizes.My Mum...
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