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Both fantastic watches (as I think we've discussed elsewhere in TWAT?). The rose gold has a kind of old world chic to it; the grey dial is very distinct and handsome (given that many other dress watches tend to have silvered/white dials or black ones). I can see the lure of trading in one of your existing watches to fund this purchase. What else do you have in your collection and how does this stack relative to your other watches? For example, if you have another dress...
The muscularity of the new watch...suits you.
The Jules Audemars Extra Thin (IMHO) is a delicious watch, and would be next on my acquisition list if I hadn't been recently smitten by Langes. The 2013 version with guilloche dial is pretty stunning, too:...Of course, it may be a longtime between now and the time I purchase my next watch, so perhaps this may sneak back onto my list. I do love APs!
I like that vintage Daytona; the patina is lovely and adds so much character. I've come to more fully appreciate the vintage Rolex thing in recent years, the more I see well-kept examples in the flesh and the more photos that I see like this one.I don't think I was necessarily thinking of buying a black-dialled two-hander; it was more that I hadn't really thought about them too much until I read the Bolshoi article, then started to do a bit of research. I suppose with...
Just getting caught up with TWAT as we've had visitors. Reverso Easter Monday: I love the way the blued hands catch the light under different conditions. The sun is finally shining in Escocia and we've been out in the park: Because of where I live, we need to be reminded when golfing is not permitted (see sign):
Lovely Lange and the Speedmaster 1969 isn't too shabby either!
Belligro & Dino: Nice Daytonas! The creme de la creme of sports chronographs. Now one of you just needs to kop one in rose gold! Speaking of black dialled watches, what are TWATers thoughts on black dialled dress watches? I recently came across an article of the AP Jules Audemars Extra Thin Bolshoi limited edition, and that got me thinking about black dialled ultra thins. They are relatively uncommon but nonetheless there are a few (rare) but stunning examples: AP JA...
It's a cool idea, but I wonder if it might be a bit too narrow a topic to really have a strong readership? Perhaps it might make a nice feature on an existing website or blog? Perhaps you could approach existing bloggers/WIS writers, rather than going solo?
Not the best lighting, but it's Reverso day again.
That's a small altar?
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