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Nice; is that the version with an enamel dial?
Fantastic GP; loving the moon phase complication! In my recent search for a 2 or 3 hander I've come across the GP 1966 several times, and find myself gazing longingly at the blued hands and arabic numerals of this Minute Repeater:Strictly speaking I suppose it is more than simply a 2/3 hander. Sadly it is also far beyond my price range!
Dino - just give into the Reverso temptation; you'll never look back! The new chocolate-dialled 1931 is lovely. Here's a picture of it borrowed from Monochrome:If I was in the market for another Reverso, this would be the one for me...
Liking that Zenith and the jumper/shirt colour combination really makes it pop with that white dial. Which model is that?
Nice Reverso! Mine says hi.
Didn't mean to be overly critical. I think that combo can work (as I've seen others pull it off), but it's so hard to tell from a photo rather than seeing the combo in person. I'm also probably a bit biased because I'm a smaller wristed person (6.75"), and find it difficult to wear anything larger than ~40mm; e.g. my 42mm Omega PO occasionally feels too big for me.
I like the watch and shirt/tie combination separately, but not necessarily together. I'm still not sold on the 183 as a "suit watch"; I think the 42mm 337 or 42mm 512 (Radiomir 1950) may be a better pairing. IMHO that 183 just looks a little bit too large for my liking (with a suit).
Reverso today paired with a casual twill shirt.
Hannes Wittstein for Ventura. I got this watch as a university graduation present in the mi-1990s. I love the minimalist, modern approach to case design, and the sensuous (yet masculine) curves to the case and glass. Bespoke bridle leather watch strap in navy blue from Equus Leather. Hannes Wittstein is best known for his work with Ventura, but also designed for NOMOS Glashutte before his recent passing.
Mimo I like the way you think . Sadly I was being quite literal; it's been about 0-7 C the last couple of weeks, which is not so different from the weather we were having in December. I believe England has been enjoying temperatures in the 10-18 C range. Enough to make you want to move. I'm not Scottish; I just work here . And for the record, I think the Scottish National Party are a bit nutty to be suggesting independence, and don t seem to have a very convincing platform...
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