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That's a beauty. I like the bi-compax layout very much, and case shape is very elegant.
Tell me that's not the next PAM you're adding to your collection?!
I agree with others that the dial layout for the 572 is that tad bit more balanced than the 512. That said, when I tried the 512 on my wrist, the 42mm fit pretty well on my less than enormous (6.75") wrists, and looked nice and proportionate. I'd have to try on the 572 to be sure if it looked as good on, dial balance aside....but that micro-rotor! I'm a sucker for them. I like them on the Parmigiani Tonda 1950, the Piaget Altiplanos, the Langematik and Patek calibre 240....
Yes but with a limited run of 1000 means that you'll be lucky if you're able to get one!
I know, right? I've admired Panerais but never really desired them until I saw the 512 1940 Radiomir... And then I read the reviews for the new 572 following Watches and Wonders.Here's the more svelte 42mm 512:It has quite a lovely (though "industrially finished") hand wound movement:Case detailing:
It was on Hodinkee, too. I downloaded it yesterday and have been playing with. It works pretty well, though there's the potential for info overload...
Amen to that.
Live pics of the 572 from the Singapore boutique (not my photos). And that caseback:
The red gold version (PAM 573) has a more decorated rotor, and finer movement finishing overall I believe...In-line with a finer price! That said, the PAM 573 is pretty sweet, with what looks like a tobacco colored dial. I just couldn't get myself to spend >USD25K for a PAM; subjective, I know...
Came across an article on the new PAM 572; the first PAM with an automatic micro-rotor movement. I really like the Radiomir 1940s case shape, lugs and slimmer profile. The "vintage" lume sits well on the dial, I think. The micro-rotor also looks nifty. Looking forward to seeing one of these in the metal sometime next year...
New Posts  All Forums: