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Re-posted for greatness. JLC do quirky asymmetry so well.
Beautiful Reverso. I love the view of the shaped movement on the case back. One of their best!
Agreed regarding fine finishing on simple 2 or 3 hand watches the details become so much more important then. I had considered a gold JLC ultra thin, but am more taken by the degree of movement finishing on the AL&S, VC, etc. to the degree that I pretty much discounted the JLCs after seeing them in person. I want my 2 or 3 hander to be just as beautifully finished on the inside as out! I'm with you on AL&S Saxonia Auto versus the Sax-O-Matic. Many Lange aficionados prefer...
I think the devil will be in the details. So hard to tell from a 2 dimensional artist's rendition.
Liking that Rolex, I must admit!
Just because I'm a TWAT nerd, here are some images of automatic rotors. AL&S Sax-O-Mat: New movement in the AL& Saxonia Automatic: AP 2120: AP 3120: VC 1120: VC 2455: Micro-rotor for Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 195: In comparison, the GO and JLC movements are more utilitarian. GO 39-47 (which powers the Senator Sixities Panorama Date): JLC 925 (which power the Master Ultra Thin Moon): Perhaps as discussed this is an apples and oranges...
I'll grant you that it's not a fair comparison, as my point of comparison are AP, VC, AL&S and Parmigiani (ie watches I'm looking at), which are much more than GO by a fairly large margin. I'll try and post some images later for reference and for fun.
Please don't take my GO nit-picking too seriously! See them in person, because I'm probably the only person on the interwebz to complain about their rotor decoration! I do like everything else about their watches. The Senator 60s (or is it 70s?) cushion shaped case chrono is very cool for example. I keep going back to it, every time I think about a chrono! (And it's an auto...)
I know I'm being very nit-picky, but the one thing I've always disliked about the Glashutte Original autos is the design of the rotors. For some reason, I find the back-to-back "G" ugly and would not buy a GO auto simply for that reason. The hand-wound models don't share this issue IMHO. Then again, I think very few makers do rotor design/decoration well; I think AP and VC rotors are lovely, the Parmigiani and AL&S rotors are also very well finished. JLC rotors look...
Good observations re: movement size and dial layout; I've read similar remarks from one of the watch review sites (was it Monochrome?). I think they have another new product that has similar layout issues, because they chose to use an older, smaller movement rather than developing a new one. I suspect this is reflected in the lower price for this item, rather than say the £7K you would pay for a JLC Master Calendar (which has a similar dial lay out, but with better...
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