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I take RNguy and your point about the short hands. Even if it's part of the aesthetic, if you don't like that is that. I will be staying the course with the 2 or 3 hander. It's been long enough now that it seems a shame to get distracted.Funny re: dress vs sports watches. Even though I work in a casual work place and don't dress very formally, I've found my interest in watches going the opposite direction to yours. I've been increasingly interested in more classically...
Great price for a fantastic watch. If I was in the market for a high end diver this would be on my hit list. If you have the funds, I would snap this up!
Nice. I love the "sports" watches from this period of history. They still seem to civilised and genteel compared to some of the big brutes we have today.
+1 on that; something other than a chronograph? Perhaps a calendar or moon phase? Or, something exotic like those JLC Duometres?
Is that from the discontinued Richeville line? Would be nice to see proper photos. Nice to see all this GP love. Despite the minor criticisms levelled at them in the past, I do like their watches and history. They're sadly underrated...
Nice to see so many Sinns on TWAT. I don't know that much about their provenance or history, except that they were founded by some with former links to IWC? Would any Sinn collectors out there be able to say more? I'm starting to appreciate their military styling aesthetic...
AP RO on the wrist today. It hasn't gotten much wrist time over the last week, so it's nice to have it on again.
I know what you're saying, but it does seem a common feature of world timer dials with an outer ring for time zones. For example, the Patek 5130:Or even the sporty IWC Pilot Worldtimer:
I fully understand the quandary. I've been holding out for a top-tier 2 or 3 hander (as has been discussed) and carefully squirrelling away my pennies...But have almost been lured several times of the straight and narrow by other temptations; for example, I very much like the JLC moon phase watches, either the JLC MUT Moon or the new derivation of the Master Calendar. The GP wwtc/Traveller wwtc has also proved tempting:I travel internationally frequently, and have...
Nice; is that the version with an enamel dial?
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