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Like the patina on your strap tchoy... Well-loved. How has the plexiglass crystal held up over time?
^ Dopey: I like that Constellation. Nice but subtle update from the previous iterations. The pairing of the leather strap against the rose gold really helps to bring the dial and case to the fore, without the ostentation that an all-gold bracelet would have. I also really like the new Co-Axial movements. If it wasn't for the difference in thickness between the 8500 Planet Ocean and the 2500 (which I eventually bought), I would have picked up the later-model PO. I'm...
Just a few last remarks as this topic is tiresome, you are a bore, and I will now be adding you to my "ignore" list.First, I think very very few of us who are serious watch nerds buy watches to to impress others, except perhaps other fellow watch collectors (and if that, rarely). Most of the serious watch nerds that I know simply collect watches because they love them. If they have more, they spend more; if they have less, then they collect more modestly.Furthermore, the...
I suppose I'm in the same boat. Ferrier and Moser don't sing to me either, though objectively I appreciate the finishing and workmanship on Ferriers in particular. For time-only dress watches of this calibre, the design language of Lange or VC appeal to me more.
Not to add further fuel to the fire, but I find these economic arguments dull and repetitive. The same arguments get re-hashed over and over again by "the bargain hunters", whether it's about watches, bespoke clothes, etc. Lets just accept that watches or bespoke clothes are (with a few exceptions) neither great investments nor "value propositions" in the strictest sense of the phrase. We buy watches and bespoke clothes because they are beautiful design objects/examples of...
The Safari and the new grey-on-grey are the standouts for the new ROOs for me:
How about Richard Mille?
My dislike of Hublot's is sadly not objective. I could see how - individually - they might be nice design objects, but something about the brand just screams nouveau riche mobsters.
The only Offshores I really like are the Diver and the latest generation of 42mm Offshores. The styling and case size of the new 42mm Offshores is more restrained and shows much greater refinement with some of the detailing, such as the ceramic pushers and subtle changes to the dial detailing/mega-tapeserie.
Nice to see you hear RSS! It's the only thread I still post on here - glad you've found your way back, even if it's only an annual visit. Would love to see your other watches paired perhaps with your Richard Anderson tweeds? I understand you have a few JLCs and a Vacheron or two in your collection???
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