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To me, the Saxonia Thin felt in some respects almost like the Platonic ideal of a watch, but didn't have the same degree of warmth as the 1815. I was less concerned about things like the movement size relative to the size of the case (as the discrepancy is not as large as for the time only Saxonia, some of the PP Caletravas, or VC Patrimonys). Also, at least in my own subjective view and worn on my own wrist, the watch didn't look or feel dinner-plate like (nor did the...
Objectively, I whole-heatedly agree. I thought both the Lange Saxonia Thin and AP JA extra thin are beautiful. However, the 1815 spoke to me more strongly and would be a watch I could wear about 75% of the time (save with jeans and t-shirt or beachwear), whereas the two ultra thins would spend much more of their life in the lockbox.
In Phuket for my brother-in-laws wedding. Not SF-approved wedding attire, but at >32 C (>90 F) and 100% humidity, no one except the groom and the wedding party are in formal attire!
As you're probably all aware, I've been bitten by the simple gold dress watch bug, too (though I am in my late 30s). I finally had a chance to visit some boutiques while visiting family in Singapore, and had the opportunity to try on many of the watches discussed here, including the AP Jules Audemars Extra Thin, newer variations of the AP Jules Audemars Self-Winding, AL&S Saxonia Thin, AL&S Saxonia Dual time, AL&S 1815 (40mm, Up/Down, Chronograph), Lange 1, various...
All this Reverso love has me wearing mine. In London and Oxford today for meetings.
The JLC Duo is a fantastic watch. I opted for the version posted in Omega M's post for a couple of reasons; the Grande had more wrist presence than the standard Duo. Also while I liked the simplicity of the newer Grande Ultrathin Duoface (ref. 3788570), I felt that the dial detailing on the earlier model spoke to me more. I like how the light plays across the surface of guilloche, and the "arch" date window...Almost architectural. Here are a few photos of mine, taken on...
+1Yeah - once kids come to the equation, behaviour totally shifts and your start doing a lot more "estate" planning. While you can afford it, why not? You'll have a longer window over which to enjoy your watch(es), too.
Congrats Nuke! RO spending the evening in the garden with the toddler.
Stitchy - congratulations on the new family addition! That turnograph will definitely come in handy, timing feeds, sleep and when sterilising bottles!
Re-posted for greatness.
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