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What about Central Watch in Grand Central?
AP RO this Sunday morning. Paired with a Truzzi shirt and bespoke 3-roll-2 tweed jacket with cloth from the P&H Glenroyal bunch.
Yes thanks; well spotted! I tried on both the 2500 and 8500, and felt that the 8500 was too thick for my wrist and felt a little more top heavy than I really liked.
Looking good Newcomer. One of my favourite JLCs and still on my wish list!
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I'm sad that that line has been discontinued. It has so much character and class.
Congratulations! I'm surprised you have a moment to post. That's TWAT dedication for you!
Out on the farm with the family today.
Sadly he has a son who loves watches...
I must confess, I still don't quite get the hatred of polished centre links? Did I miss something?
Interesting conversation here...I think anytime you have a potentially expensive hobby (and here I'm thinking not only of money but of time, too), that becomes a potential point of conflict with a spouse/significant other. When I was concentrating on building my bespoke wardrobe I had to be very circumspect and careful about my expenditure to get it past the wife. Now I've moved on to watches, points of discussion/conflict are somewhat more spaced out, mostly because the...
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