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From what I understand, Flemming himself wore an Explorer.
Congrats Moo. Nice Sub!
Brilliant review and fantastic watch. Love the moonphase!
That's a beauty Foo.
My wife has a rose gold Jules Audemars hand wound and a Datejust. She really really loves the Datejust and would like to a Cartier Tank at some point... Unfortunately her wrists are really tiny (both her watches are 26mm) so we can't share. She's pretty gentle on her watches, thank the gods.EDIT.Just for fun, here are the photos of her AP. The movement is delicious...
I think you need to get some bracelet adjustment tools so that you can swap watches back and forth. Wish I had a wife that was supportive of my "hobbie."
All kinds of win in this new 'Dink post: NYC TWATers - Did any of you get to go?
Feeling dizzy...
Nice one - any photos of the caseback? Does that model have stop seconds on the sub-dial?
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