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The Lange studio pics look "plasticky" compared to real-life photos. I suppose my impression of the new 38.5mm Dual Time came from seeing the older model in the metal, where it looked much more like this:I suppose I do see the design similarities with the Portofino, though the Patek Dual Time or JLC Master Hometime were what first came to mind because of the dial layout.
The new 38.5mm Saxon is pretty sweet. I like the reduced case size and slightly longer railway track markers; definitely more dial presence than the first iteration:I tried on the slightly larger 40mm version earlier this year and liked it very much...I even liked the full-sized rotor (though Lange purists will always favour the hand-wounds or micro-rotor calibres).
^ Both nice watches, but that Datograph is the bomb!
Despite what people have said on this thread about the 5296, I still like that sector dial. At least in the eyes of this beholder, it is a thing of beauty!
You're killing me with that BLNR!
I do remember now that Longines had a column-wheel movement developed for them; hadn't realised your watch was one of them.
^ Impressive in the metal?
^ It wears very nicely. It's a modular chrono, but for the price,I don't think you'd expect an integrated column wheel movement. I like the bi-compax layout and over dial balance. Not too busy.
The Longines puts me in mind of this cushion-shaped GO:
^ That Longine definitely has great wrist presence. I'm pleased that Longine have been re-freshing their more historically-inspired collections. There are so many great Longines from the past, especially their chronos, and these newer Longines really get it right...
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