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As a bit of an aside, as a PAM collector, any thoughts on the new PAM 560 (Luminor base with new in-house P5000 hand wound movement)? Read a review of the new in-house Luminors here and was curious. I especially liked the titanium PAM 564. I'm secretly hoping that the narrower profile of the new P5000 watches may mean that the 44mm cases won't swamp my 6.75" wrist. Or may be I should wish otherwise...
The nice thing about the PAMs is that they look good with different pairs of shoes, so may be swapping back to rubber may give your 112 a new lease on life?I fully understand the RO addiction. When they first released the diver and later variants (forged carbon, etc) I seriously considered acquiring one simply because I love my RO so much that I thought it would be great to have a sportier version for causal wear. Happily for my wallet, I've decided to stay the course and...
Yes; I've seen press releases and Ms Bapic certainly is...charismatic; just what you need for a very public retail director. Interesting trend that they are moving towards only using in-house movements exclusively. I suppose VC and others have done the same, although quite honestly given that they used to own a large share in JLC and have such high levels of finishing on all their movements, this has never bothered me either. The blue-dialed Dualtime is very handsome. I...
I understand this point of view and respect it. However, from my point of view, I've not been interested in acquiring a historical Speedy because it doesn't appeal to me aesthetically. The new '57 speaks to me more (although of course I fully appreciate what the original watch represents and it's unique place in history).I just wonder how much value Speedy collectors place on the new innovations and technological advancements of the new '57 (e.g. co-axial escapement,...
I realise I'm in the minority here - crazy, I know! I tend to prefer 2 register chronos. I think I find 2 register dials a bit more generous and expansive looking. The exceptions to this are chronos that lack outer tachymeter markings on the bezel. That said, I fully recognise how subjective my opinion is...Dopey: Is that a LL cloth? It's a great fabric; so much texture and warmth!
^^^ I think I would probably get a blue-dialled one, too if I were to buy one. I also like the titanium on a leather strap. I find the normal 3 register Speedy a bit too busy.
Speedy fans, what are your thoughts on the new '57 Speedmaster, reviewed here? Saw one in a local watch store and was quite impressed. I like the restrained case size (41.5mm) and 2 register layout (photo lifted from Hodinkee): I confess that a Speedy was never really on my radar before, but have reconsidered after seeing this one.
Nice pairing. Any wrist shots? Where did you source the hornback from?
Thanks Dino. I often think it's a shame that I now work in a more casual work place because many of my watches pair better with tailored clothing.When did they discontinue my RO? It's still up on the website. At least AP don't cycle through models as quickly as Patek! I'm always surprised at how readily the latter change their catalogue range, swapping out even relatively popular models.
Fantastic! Beautiful. Would love to see more pics on the rubber strap when you get a chance. My Dualtime says hello!
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