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I think you nailed it here; one really needs to separate the product from the marketing. I think IWC still makes great watches; in fact, as you have said, one could argue they are in fact making far far better watches today than they did in the past, and kudos to them for becoming a true manufacture and upping their game. There is no doubt that they make great watches. However, as you have also noted, what has gotten older IWC collectors' & loyalists' nose out of joint is...
Between the IWC Portuguese Chrono and the JLC Master Chrono, I would personally go for the JLC, especially if you were planning on dressing up the watch. It's definitely the more formal of the two, and has a more refined and technically advanced movement. That said, it might also be worth trying on the Portuguese Chronograph Classic, if you like the Portuguese styling and the bi-compax layout: I tend to prefer bi-compax chronographs because the dial seems less cluttered...
Where have you gotten that impression? The IWC Portuguese Chrono is a modern classic. The issues around IWC discussed here on this forum stem, I suppose, from what many see as price inflation in many of the newer models, and a shift towards marketing themselves to the nouveau riche; their newer watches have gotten bigger and more blingy, and lost some of their former design integrity in the process. But that's not to say they don't make a good product...
Re-quoted for greatness. Mind blown.
I think the differences of opinion on Langes among say Moo, Dino and I fall within the range of subjectivity. The concerns Moo/Dino may have with respect to sub-dial placement, font choice, etc are only "problems" if they bother you aesthetically; I don't have them. Live and let live.... And I was joking with that heresy comment.
Speaking of the 1815 Chronograph, this one blew me away when I last tried it on:
Of the Langes, my favourites are the Lange 1, Up/Down, 1815 Chronograph and 1815 38.5mm. If funds allowed, I would almost certainly buy a Lange 1. Perhaps the 1815 Chronograph if I was particular fortunate with investments. What I like so much about the 1815 range is that they very nicely walk the line between formal and "smart casual" (as they say here in the UK); they can be dressed up or down relatively easily and hence are a bit more flexible than the more austere...
Agreed re: Breitling. The Navitimer is a real classic, and the Transocean series is a nice reinterpretation of the mid-twentieth century chronos that made their name. Kudos to them for becoming a full manufacture, too.
Dudes need to chill-out. As the original poster of the crappy Lange pic, I'll come out and say that I wasn't offended by what RFX45 wrote and didn't take the Portofino comparison badly. I only posted the stock photo because I wasn't aware that Lange had released any "in the metal" shots of the new Dual Time; from the style of photography I take it you got your photos from Watchprosite? Will have to go over there and check out the reviews.
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