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That is pretty reasonable for a Big Three chronograph service. As of 2-3 years ago, it cost around CHF 800-900 to service an AP minor complication (like my RO Dualtime), so around AUD 1000.
Thanks Moo. It's a really easy watch to love and a great watch to wear. I don't think I took it off my wrist for the first 6 months I owned it! Edit. Ok may be I did take it off to sleep and shower, but you know what I mean!
I don't disagree, but I think I'm going to have to wait a few years, after I've gotten that Lange. Or, unless I'm exceptionally fortunate with my investments!
Bah humbug. I have several autos, including several with complications without a quick-set date (e.g. AP RO Dualtime), and haven't found a winder necessary. Granted, it takes me a bit longer to start-up the watch again if it hasn't been used for a few days, but it's not a huge inconvenience. I think of winders as accessories and ones that I've never felt I needed. YMMV.
The date display preference is subjective/aesthetic. My Grand Reverso Duo has a similar date display, with a placement at 12 o'clock and I think it works well:I prefer the 12 o'clock placement to the one at 3 o'clock as is used for IWC Pilot Mark XVII, or the Cartier Calibre. The 12 o'clock placement curves nicely with the top of the dial, and reminds me of an arch or other architectural feature. It also balances out the seconds sub-dial at 6 o'clock, and hence adds...
Pics of your entire collection or it didn't happen 😉. But seriously, congratulations! Nice way to end your year.
Dino: Fully on the same page with you regarding the warranty. When I first got my RO Dualtime, it started losing time and I had to send it back to AP to diagnose and fix the problem. About 1 year later, I accidentally magnetised my watch (I had a mass spectrometer in my lab, and had gotten too close to the huge magnet in the instrument - stupid me!). Again it went back to AP. They were nice enough to not only demagnetise the watch as originally requested, but also gave the...
With a Rollie I would only go with an AD, even more so with a Daytona. I'd have concerns with voided warranties. Chronograph services are ALWAYS expensive, so I wouldn't want to risk the loss of warranty. Also I'd insist on them giving you ALL the VAT off. This is what is payable to their national govts, so if they are giving you less than the full VAT discount, then they are making additional profit on the sale. Check Foo's PAM post to find out which AD he used; if I...
I'd check with Foo as his PAM and Cartier were bought in this way, I believe. Minus VAT means you should be getting 20% off the sticker price, right?
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