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My dislike of Hublot's is sadly not objective. I could see how - individually - they might be nice design objects, but something about the brand just screams nouveau riche mobsters.
The only Offshores I really like are the Diver and the latest generation of 42mm Offshores. The styling and case size of the new 42mm Offshores is more restrained and shows much greater refinement with some of the detailing, such as the ceramic pushers and subtle changes to the dial detailing/mega-tapeserie.
Nice to see you hear RSS! It's the only thread I still post on here - glad you've found your way back, even if it's only an annual visit. Would love to see your other watches paired perhaps with your Richard Anderson tweeds? I understand you have a few JLCs and a Vacheron or two in your collection???
I've never disliked the large size of the Panerais, as they are true to the brand's original DNA, as you rightly point out...It's more that the designs have appealed but never enough for me to consider buying one, if that makes sense? On the other hand, even though I'm a big AP fanboy (with 3 of them in my family, AP RO Dualtime, my wife's and father's Jules Audemars watches), the large Offshores put me off... I also find many of the IWCs just a bit too large for my...
Foo: Congratulations on the two new acquisitions. Loving the Panerai and the green strap on your Tank is pretty sweet. I never thought that I would start liking Panerais, but they've begun to grow on me... There simplicity and bold styling is refreshing in a world of Submariner and Speedy clones...
Awesome TC! Wear it in good health!
The anticipation is killing me!
Amen to all that. I suppose I would suggest that you keep working hard, prioritise your spending, make a few good investment decisions, and most of all be patient. I've always loved watches, and began collecting mechanical timepieces when I was in my teens. I didn't buy anything expensive though; just watches that I enjoyed wearing. My priorities from my late 20s to mid-30s was to build a bespoke wardrobe. I've since scratched that itch and have enough MTM and bespoke...
Nice! Is that an Orion? I'm sorely tempted by the Orion 38 Grau...
New Posts  All Forums: