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My aunt has a Richard Mille, and while I appreciate the craftsmanship the design is...not for me. In person, they are just a bit too blingy/flashy for my tastes. If I wanted something avant-grade and outside the "normal" design envelope, and in that price range, I'd prefer something like an MB&F or Urwerk.
Like the Longines... Is that their Heritage Diver?
Congratulations Stitchy!
Great picture - in fact, post moar! I had wondered if it was a GL1, given that the earlier generation of the GL1 had overlapping subdials and yours clearly does not.
Beautiful. Is that the Lange 1 or Grande Lange 1?
Second what Dopey and Stitchy have said. As far as sports chronographs go, the Navitimer is one of the modern classics...
Might be easier to view if you used the "Upload image" function...
@aleksandr: Yes; I did in fact mean not buying any watches at long (5 year intervals). i'm admittedly not as affluent as some of the other collectors here, so I have to balance my watch purchases against other "non-essentials" (eg bespoke clothes, shoes), investments and family (ie children). After I picked up my Royal Oak, I waited about 5 years before I got my Reverso Duo. Currently putting away funds for something like a Lange. I don't have enough disposable income to...
@aleksandr: I would add a moon phase/complete calendar, an ultra-thin, and a rectangular or tonneau-shaped watch (eg Reverso, Cartier Tank or Vacheron tonneau). Possibly also a true sports chrono (JLC Deep Sea, Daytona, new AP ROO 42mm). Patience is a virtue. Rather than buying random things that you like, I would hold out for that Patek annual calendar if that's one of your grails. I've waited 5-10 years between major watch purchases...And still prefer to wait rather...
Go with your heart. Everything you've said implies that you prefer the WG. I suspect (despite the extra cost) you will regret it if you buy the steel.
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