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Might be easier to view if you used the "Upload image" function...
@aleksandr: Yes; I did in fact mean not buying any watches at long (5 year intervals). i'm admittedly not as affluent as some of the other collectors here, so I have to balance my watch purchases against other "non-essentials" (eg bespoke clothes, shoes), investments and family (ie children). After I picked up my Royal Oak, I waited about 5 years before I got my Reverso Duo. Currently putting away funds for something like a Lange. I don't have enough disposable income to...
@aleksandr: I would add a moon phase/complete calendar, an ultra-thin, and a rectangular or tonneau-shaped watch (eg Reverso, Cartier Tank or Vacheron tonneau). Possibly also a true sports chrono (JLC Deep Sea, Daytona, new AP ROO 42mm). Patience is a virtue. Rather than buying random things that you like, I would hold out for that Patek annual calendar if that's one of your grails. I've waited 5-10 years between major watch purchases...And still prefer to wait rather...
Go with your heart. Everything you've said implies that you prefer the WG. I suspect (despite the extra cost) you will regret it if you buy the steel.
Moo: Are those Paraboots? Like the pairing with the Sub and large herringbone jacket.
That is pretty reasonable for a Big Three chronograph service. As of 2-3 years ago, it cost around CHF 800-900 to service an AP minor complication (like my RO Dualtime), so around AUD 1000.
Thanks Moo. It's a really easy watch to love and a great watch to wear. I don't think I took it off my wrist for the first 6 months I owned it! Edit. Ok may be I did take it off to sleep and shower, but you know what I mean!
I don't disagree, but I think I'm going to have to wait a few years, after I've gotten that Lange. Or, unless I'm exceptionally fortunate with my investments!
Bah humbug. I have several autos, including several with complications without a quick-set date (e.g. AP RO Dualtime), and haven't found a winder necessary. Granted, it takes me a bit longer to start-up the watch again if it hasn't been used for a few days, but it's not a huge inconvenience. I think of winders as accessories and ones that I've never felt I needed. YMMV.
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