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Dopey what about the Richard Lange 3-hander? Photo below is of the white gold boutique edition, but this comes in platinum, too: Also really like the VC Traditionnelle in platinum:
A bunch of us TWATers could get a timeshare Zeitwerk. Any takers?
+1I think your "daily wearer" (probably a better term than "one-watch") boils down more to your personal style, how casually/formally you dress, and also what watch you just plain enjoy wearing. For example, although it might not be everyone's idea of a "one-watch", and even though I dress relatively casually in my current workplace, I've found myself wearing my Grand Reverso Duo for just about everything short of sports, mostly because I've just enjoyed wearing it and...
I'm not big on the YG Sub, either, but have you ever handled a platinum Daytona in person? It's a thing of beauty... What do you find gimmicky about it?
I think the colour combination on the platinum Dayton is really quite stunning; the contrast between the warm chocolate brown of the ceramic bezel with the ice coolness of the dial is genius and adds a clean, crisp and modern edge to an otherwise very classically styled watch. It's a perfect example how colour and metal selection can really breathe new life into an existing reference; like the re-fresh of the Patek 5205 when it was released in pink gold.
Welcome!Something like an Omega Aqua Terra would make a good "one-watch"; Rolex Datejust or an Explorer I would make another; perhaps an AP Royal Oak (time & date only) if you have a bigger budget. What's your price range?
I don't disagree re: classicism. However, I suppose for some wealthy collectors, they may be all stocked up on the classics. My aunt and uncle, for example, have about a dozen Patek grand complications, all the major Rolexes in precious metals, etc. I suppose she was interested in branching out from classicism.
My aunt has a Richard Mille, and while I appreciate the craftsmanship the design is...not for me. In person, they are just a bit too blingy/flashy for my tastes. If I wanted something avant-grade and outside the "normal" design envelope, and in that price range, I'd prefer something like an MB&F or Urwerk.
Like the Longines... Is that their Heritage Diver?
Congratulations Stitchy!
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