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All this Reverso love has me wearing mine. In London and Oxford today for meetings.
The JLC Duo is a fantastic watch. I opted for the version posted in Omega M's post for a couple of reasons; the Grande had more wrist presence than the standard Duo. Also while I liked the simplicity of the newer Grande Ultrathin Duoface (ref. 3788570), I felt that the dial detailing on the earlier model spoke to me more. I like how the light plays across the surface of guilloche, and the "arch" date window...Almost architectural. Here are a few photos of mine, taken on...
+1Yeah - once kids come to the equation, behaviour totally shifts and your start doing a lot more "estate" planning. While you can afford it, why not? You'll have a longer window over which to enjoy your watch(es), too.
Congrats Nuke! RO spending the evening in the garden with the toddler.
Stitchy - congratulations on the new family addition! That turnograph will definitely come in handy, timing feeds, sleep and when sterilising bottles!
Re-posted for greatness.
I don't think the Malte looks too large on your wrist; just wasn't sure if it would fit on mine (6.75")!I think you should give into the Overseas love. I like that big date function; it does a nice job of balancing out the dial and also looks subtly distinctive. Resistance is futile...
Like that Malte tonneau Mimo. Wish it wasn't quite so large!
[[SPOILER]]Those Langes rock! I especially like the Thin. Also I think the proportions on the new 1815 are better proportioned than the earlier 40mm version; bit more charming and genteel somehow. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.
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