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Congrats Nuke! RO spending the evening in the garden with the toddler.
Stitchy - congratulations on the new family addition! That turnograph will definitely come in handy, timing feeds, sleep and when sterilising bottles!
Re-posted for greatness.
I don't think the Malte looks too large on your wrist; just wasn't sure if it would fit on mine (6.75")!I think you should give into the Overseas love. I like that big date function; it does a nice job of balancing out the dial and also looks subtly distinctive. Resistance is futile...
Like that Malte tonneau Mimo. Wish it wasn't quite so large!
[[SPOILER]]Those Langes rock! I especially like the Thin. Also I think the proportions on the new 1815 are better proportioned than the earlier 40mm version; bit more charming and genteel somehow. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.
But my wife has a seriously small wrist. I think the case size of her AP is under 30mm (26mm?). Much as I would like to try, there's no way I could pull it off!
....And just because I mentioned it, my wife's Jules Audemars Small Seconds: Finishing on the hand-wound calibre is lovely: Sadly it doesn't get much wrist time because it's too dressy for my wife's casual office place. I think she wants a Datejust for her daily wearer. I often find myself wishing that my wrist was small enough so I could borrow her watch.
We're a funny bunch aren't we? Objectively, I think that Journe, PP and Ferrier watches are beautiful watches, but I suppose what I was getting at is that I didn't like them enough to consider them as seriously as some of the other watches that I'm looking at. I just don't like them enough to want one, usually because of a minor design detail that just throws things off for me.For the Journes, the movement detailing and architecture are really like works of art, the dials...
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