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On toy-tidying duty today.
Zippy you just killed it! That Up/Down...
Haha I see what you did there.
Nice mimo - congratulations. I've come to like those Longines more and more... Unusual to see it on a bracelet; would also look great on a strap.
I don't think pricing for Rolex or JLC in existing stock has risen in the UK. I checked earlier this week, and prices haven't changed yet.
Congrats Dino! All this BLNR love is making me dizzy. May be I should add this one to my list, too?!
I saw the "red grape" OP at one of my local Rolex dealers and - despite it's slightly out of the box colour - think it looks great. Very striking, yet not overdone (partly due to the simplicity of the OP itself). Of the two, I actually prefer the red grape a little more than the white, so you know where my vote would go...
Dopey what about the Richard Lange 3-hander? Photo below is of the white gold boutique edition, but this comes in platinum, too: Also really like the VC Traditionnelle in platinum:
A bunch of us TWATers could get a timeshare Zeitwerk. Any takers?
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