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Reverso today.
Beautiful. All you need now is a Lange!
Mimo I really like the new Oyster and also have a newfound appreciation for the Datejust. My wife just bought a classic champagne-dialled Datejust with baton markers, on a jubilee bracelet. Despite all the negative comments I've read here about PCLs and the jubilee bracelet, I actually really like them both on her watch. There's a reason some watches (like the Oyster and Datejust) are classics, and been in continuous production for so long. Rolex have gotten the balance...
Wearing this one today.
Well-spotted! My TOPO is one of my go-to bags for short hauls.
7 hours on the train to Milton Keynes for a meeting. Never tire of how the case of my RO reflects light and shadow.
Back on the wrist after a few weeks away. Feels like coming home...
To me, the Saxonia Thin felt in some respects almost like the Platonic ideal of a watch, but didn't have the same degree of warmth as the 1815. I was less concerned about things like the movement size relative to the size of the case (as the discrepancy is not as large as for the time only Saxonia, some of the PP Caletravas, or VC Patrimonys). Also, at least in my own subjective view and worn on my own wrist, the watch didn't look or feel dinner-plate like (nor did the...
Objectively, I whole-heatedly agree. I thought both the Lange Saxonia Thin and AP JA extra thin are beautiful. However, the 1815 spoke to me more strongly and would be a watch I could wear about 75% of the time (save with jeans and t-shirt or beachwear), whereas the two ultra thins would spend much more of their life in the lockbox.
In Phuket for my brother-in-laws wedding. Not SF-approved wedding attire, but at >32 C (>90 F) and 100% humidity, no one except the groom and the wedding party are in formal attire!
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