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I'm not big on the YG Sub, either, but have you ever handled a platinum Daytona in person? It's a thing of beauty... What do you find gimmicky about it?
I think the colour combination on the platinum Dayton is really quite stunning; the contrast between the warm chocolate brown of the ceramic bezel with the ice coolness of the dial is genius and adds a clean, crisp and modern edge to an otherwise very classically styled watch. It's a perfect example how colour and metal selection can really breathe new life into an existing reference; like the re-fresh of the Patek 5205 when it was released in pink gold.
Welcome!Something like an Omega Aqua Terra would make a good "one-watch"; Rolex Datejust or an Explorer I would make another; perhaps an AP Royal Oak (time & date only) if you have a bigger budget. What's your price range?
I don't disagree re: classicism. However, I suppose for some wealthy collectors, they may be all stocked up on the classics. My aunt and uncle, for example, have about a dozen Patek grand complications, all the major Rolexes in precious metals, etc. I suppose she was interested in branching out from classicism.
My aunt has a Richard Mille, and while I appreciate the craftsmanship the design is...not for me. In person, they are just a bit too blingy/flashy for my tastes. If I wanted something avant-grade and outside the "normal" design envelope, and in that price range, I'd prefer something like an MB&F or Urwerk.
Like the Longines... Is that their Heritage Diver?
Congratulations Stitchy!
Great picture - in fact, post moar! I had wondered if it was a GL1, given that the earlier generation of the GL1 had overlapping subdials and yours clearly does not.
Beautiful. Is that the Lange 1 or Grande Lange 1?
Second what Dopey and Stitchy have said. As far as sports chronographs go, the Navitimer is one of the modern classics...
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