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All this RO talk had me pulling out mine. The Reverso has been grabbing more wrist time recently, so it was nice to get this one out of the box again. Foo - nice to hear about the 2fer. Both great choices.
Out for a walk this Sunday at the Old Course.
Stitchy: Is that a 5123 at the bottom? I love the dial. Not sure about the caseback and lugs...They need to develop a bigger hand-wound movement!
Belligro: Harsh post. I understand your sentiments about Patek pricing, mine are not so different... However, I suppose I differ from you in that I have always thought, when I have seen the 5227 and 5296 in the metal, that they were very elegant and finely finished. Dimensions for the case and dial, and overall sense of balance, I have thought are excellent. When worn on the wrist, despite their 37-38mm size, they have a great wrist presence. Also movement finishing is...
On the subject of shaped movements, thought this one might strike your fancy; ref 5200:My thumbs get sore thinking of winding that beautiful 8 days movement.
I love the Fifty Fathoms. Always felt that it was underrated relative to the Subs and other higher-profile luxury divers. That grey smoky dial is neat.
Nuke, Dino & Frills: I take your point regarding value for money; part of why in my own acquisition plans I've concentrated on manufactures like Lange, AP or JLC, rather than on Patek. For 37K, you're entering Lange 1 territory; a watch that I simply love and a true modern icon. For a bit more, you're looking at an 1815 Chronograph (or, "baby" Dato). I suppose my question was more about the relative merits of the 5297 (sector dial or not) versus the 5227. I also wondered...
I've just been talking about Patek Calatravas with my dad, who is considering getting one. He particularly likes the 5296 with sector dial: ...Rather than opting for the plainer dialled version, he likes the "sportiness" of the sector dial (if a Calatrava can ever be thought of as "sporty"), which makes it that little bit more flexible when it comes to more casual dress. I've also been intrigued by the 5227 (photos from Hodinkee) with a concealed officer's or hunter's...
Play of light an shadow.
Reverso today.
New Posts  All Forums: