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Thanks everyone! Very very happy with it. And here's a gratuitous family photo:
I've been gone for a little while, but wanted to share the latest addition to my small collection.
@Dino944 I understand your point re: preferring the cleaner, 2-hand, manually-wound version of the Toledo compared to the current 3-hand automatic. I think I would prefer a cleaner-dialled version, too. I suppose, having had one of these on the wrist, that I didn't have the strong negative reaction to the dial that you did. Sure, I don't like the three-hand date version as much, nor do I like the more complicated versions of this watch either. However, neither did I...
AP paired with a bespoke London Lounge tweed: And because this is SF, here's a photo of the jacket, done-up in a shooting jacket-style:
@mimo: The Toledo has a solid case back; the photo was taken with the case back open. I posted the pic mostly to show the lovely workmanship & finishing on the movement. With a solid case back, I don't really mind the use of a round movement in a square case. With only a few exceptions (eg the Reverso) most non-round automatic movements with full-size rotors don't have shaped movements. Most watch manufactures probably couldn't justify the cost of developing a separate...
Got to try on this beauty today - absolutely stunning! Thoughts? (Photos borrowed from Alex Ghobi.)
Evening sunlight on my RO, passing Berwick-upon-Tweed, on my way back north up to Scotland.
For me, it would be an AP Royal Oak or Patek Nautilus...
Brax - I like that hunter's case back. The curved shape of the case and the onion crown are lovely. Almost makes me wonder if the watch (with the onion crown) would have been better as a hand-wound? But I digress...It's a great watch!
^ Grande Reverso Duoface, ref 3748421. Second time zone indication on the recto dial.
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