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Evening sunlight on my RO, passing Berwick-upon-Tweed, on my way back north up to Scotland.
For me, it would be an AP Royal Oak or Patek Nautilus...
Brax - I like that hunter's case back. The curved shape of the case and the onion crown are lovely. Almost makes me wonder if the watch (with the onion crown) would have been better as a hand-wound? But I digress...It's a great watch!
^ Grande Reverso Duoface, ref 3748421. Second time zone indication on the recto dial.
^ Lovely! Do you have any close-ups?
Reverso keeping me company on child-minding duty. Bespoke jacket in Porter & Harding Glenroyal.
On toy-tidying duty today.
Zippy you just killed it! That Up/Down...
Haha I see what you did there.
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