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Eying the japan One three #127 in straight fit. I am a 36 should I  stick to my normal size or go up one?
a bb5 translates to a 42/44?
When can we expect to see some of the items sh owing up in stores? Is it normally july or august? i really want to jump on the outerwear this year. Last year i moved to slow and lost out on all the normaly people sizes..
will they bring back the varsity jacket from last year? i think i am t he only guy in the country and internet that didnt buy one..
stupid this pricing per pair or for the lot?
I'm sick i missed all this stuff! see wut happens when i take a few weeks off!
well my closet is large. But my side is constantly being invaded by her summer dresses! I find my suits in the hall closet from time to time. I think i will clean her side out before i clean mine. Is it worth attempting to sell lower end banana republic shirts and pants on SF or better to just give them away? I have upgraded most of my pants to either RLPL or Incotex. yes I have spent a ton of money on SF lately.
How often are closet cleanings needed? I have a closet full of stuff i love, But i know i cant love everything. when should i just give it up to some young person to upgrade there wardrobe and move on to something esle?
I want this jacket in a size 44!
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