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Just got my pair of inco's, look great! Thanks to Chorse123 for getting them out quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by wstewart03 Could anyone give me a good idea as to how much a tailor would typically charge to make a suit from fabric you bring in yourself? I know you would want to get a skilled tailor in order to get the best fit. Any recommendations in Dallas, TX? I would be interested to know this as well. Except I am in Atlanta, not Dallas
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Audley has a cleaner look w/o broguing ++
As an MTM shirtmaker, shouldn't you be able to do either equally well, and leave it to the client todecide what style he wants? I thought that was the whole point of MTM, to be able to get the style you want, not what someone else decided.
I wish they could have matched USC vs Alabama. Then we could really see how good USC is. Oh, and as a SEC fanboy, go gators!
Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook. Great trilogy.
Bummer....I remember reading Andromeda Strain and thinking how cool that science lab was. After that, I read all of his books.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Exactly. that is the point. He was never tested positive because the test was not ready yet. When they had the test that was able to detect the 3rd Generation EPO, then they caught, Basso, Ulrich, Vinokourov and many others right now like Ricco etc etc. Why do you think Contador didn't took part this year ? First off, you can't prove a negative. Can you prove you never took illegal drugs? Can you...
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Armstrong won the last tours doped with the 3rd generation EPO that wasn't yet detectable then. Helped by his large medical team. Proof? He never tested positive. So how do you know?
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