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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 tom cruise in tropic thunder I didn't realize it was him until well into the movie.
Hammerfall is pretty good (if a bit poppy at times) Amon Amarth has some power-ish songs Devin Townsend (probably not power metal though?) King Diamond Metal Church Stratovarius Uli Jon Roth (maybe not power metal, still great though) And +1 on the others mentioned
Quote: Originally Posted by JAPAN Mozart... mozart.. hmph I prefer Bach. Ahh, Bach!
Quote: Originally Posted by office drone I thought the dosage was one quarter pill every day, not every other day? That's what another doctor told me.. It should be every day, Propecia (Propecii? ) are 1mg and they are to be taken daily.
Just buy a pill cutter. Where do you get your finasteride, BTW? I haven't found any reputable vendors.
Which chain? I can't even think of a Canadian clothing chain, except maybe Le Château.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I like it actually, though I think he'd be better off with a solid tie. Same, I like everything save for the tie.
It's Balaclava-ish, but balaclavas cover the face.
Quote: Originally Posted by Intelligent Design The problem with wearing today's florsheims is that you will then have to wear them. They are clunky, ugly shoes. Just look at the picture axe posted. Hyperbole much? They are a bit clunky, yes, but not much more so than your typical AE or Alden. They're a good bang for your buck. I do find the leather a bit hard, but it's also very tough. Mine are burgundy.
It's very hit-and-miss, I have a pair of Kenmoors that are decent enough, especially for what I paid. The contruction is pretty good, the leather is so-so, but still. Edit for pic:
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