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Why does Skeletor have skin? Lots of into @ the link too. Really cool that the artist based everything on actual clothes
It's beautiful. The architects clearly showed reverence and restraint as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Never has an old man worn old man shoes in a more youthful way. I like it. Wish we could get a better view of the mustache. And could see it without the color saturation cranked to 11. Well the guy looks like a 30 year old with a 60 year old's face photoshopped on I hope I look that good at his age, whatever it may be.
From today's Sart. I really like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fierce Critter I had actually wondered today why they don't make men's undershirts in nude/skintones like they do women's foundations. Same, I'd love some v-neck shirts in a skin-tone-ish beige.
I have a pair of 514 cords, do the jeans fit similarly?
Tool - Message to Harry Manback CCR - Wrote a Song for Everyone Alex Lifeson - Don't Care Rush - Broken Bass Blues Jam (from "Seattle Supersonic" bootleg) Fleetwood Mac - Dreams Jimi Hendrix - Little Miss Strange Rush - La Villa Strangiato The Police - The Bed's Too Big Without You The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man Rainbow - Self Portrait
This isn't a new phenomenon. Hippies in the 60s rebelled against the uptight capitalism of their parents, the grunge movement of the 90s followed a similar ethos, etc. There's a certain element of "vocal minority" too -- the vast majority of people don't notice or care, and put no real thought into their clothing.
Very cool. I enjoy his work and he seems like a stand-up guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ozymandias Acceptable. Oh God, the 6x1 is making a "comeback"? I hope not.
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