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Seems fine to me, the buttoning point is extremely high for my taste, but that's a matter of preference. It almost looks like a 3B with only the top button done up.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 the doors Yes! The Doors are criminally overrated. DURR WE'RE HIGH yeah OK, we get it. Another one: Zeppelin. Never did plagiarism make anyone so successful.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 gonna catch hell, but david bowie pre or post ziggy stardust sucks. Not at all, it's just that Z is one of the best albums ever. It would be pretty hard for anybody to follow that up, and Bowie did a pretty damn good job of it (Berlin Trilogy, etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by BoSU Robbie or anybody know where I can get some pants of this color. I fucking love them. H&M has cords in a very similar colour, dunno about fit/quality though.
Five stars.
Not as cool as the Gundam. Still great though.
I kinda like the jacket on its own, but with the matching trou it looks like PJs.
Shaved is much better. Your current hairstyle (please take no offense to this) reminds me of a 70s news anchor.
Quote: Originally Posted by genraidar When did some of you start taking this stuff and why\\how bad was your hair loss? I still have most of my hair (some receding at the forehead), I take it to prevent any further loss. It's mostly effective for the top/back of the head though. So I haven't really noticed any regrowth -- my hair loss wasn't that advanced -- but I've been losing much less hair than when I started taking it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Looks like he's picking up a dog turd. He is.
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