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Quote: Originally Posted by alexwgoody It is so hard to choose, but it would most likely be a Rush song. Limelight or Freewill, I can't choose Wow, Rush already mentioned in the second post. I'd choose "Hemispheres", because it's a great song, but also because it's so long that I wouldn't get bored of it so quickly
Propecia is great, I highly recommend buying Proscar and splitting them though. Propecia is 1 mg Finasteride, Proscar is 5 mg, but they cost roughly the same per pill.
Very cool. Arnold's looking old.
Quote: Originally Posted by ersatzmoe Marcello Mastroianni on a toilet. Pretty sure that's a bidet :P
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre I consider it part of the charm of having these little machines. Go to the watch draw in the morning, pick a watch, set the time and wind it (or wave my arm around maniacally for a few moments). +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Closer The general rule of thumb is to size up 1.5 sizes from mens to womens. It's more of a 2-3 size difference. A Euro size 40 is a 7 in men's US sizing, but the same 40 would be a 10 in US women's sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ge Fuzz why not? I couldn't get 501s to fade but Ive seen pics on Sufu of sick 501 fades. Surely the Gaps are at least good quality as $25 levis? I mean, how do you know? I own a pair. 501s fade much more easily than the Gaps do, from what I've seen firsthand. YMMV though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ge Fuzz Check out GAP 1969 Selvedge, they run about $88 and can be worn skinny. Those hardly fade at all, same for the H&M Sliq, they look ok but they won't fade.
^ Very nice, is that the one with the elbow patches?
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Dries Van Noten Suit Wolf vs. Goat Before Dinner Orange Plaid Shirt Ferragamo Ankle Boots Mauro went to court today and put this wanksta in the clink for 180 days! (NOT kidding). Why? Because he is a CIVIL SERVANT!!!! Shirt looks way too casual for that suit IMO.
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