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Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! The North only use their dud Nukes to extort more aid. Wake up people. Doesn't have to be a nuke, conventional missiles could cause tremendous damage. Seoul's population is over 100k per square mile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto LOL You think China is going to allow war? Yeah I am pretty sure the Chinese will welcome the millions of Korean refugees with open arms. If the North is stupid enough to start something the Chinese will not be there to back them this time. That's irrelevant, all it takes is a few missiles launched on Seoul (which is, incidentally, VERY close to the border) and the casualties would be enormous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I read that too. One time charge, as they adjust to the new level of taxation. It's not going away, it'll just be incorporated into next FY budget. They did not expect it when they did the current FY budget, but now that they know about it, they must take the charge. So yes, it's a one time "charge." No, it's not a one time cost. I see, thanks for the correction. The sentence was misleading, it implies...
Quote: Originally Posted by article Both companies said it was a one-time charge as they adjust to the new level of expected taxes. derp
I was wondering if my shoes are too clean to pull off the look?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird Wait, so PhatGuido is starting his own tailoring company??(!) What am I missing here? I doubt it... I think he means he just got a new suit from a new tailor.
Since it's knit, it might be OK with a gingham shirt and a lighter suit, maybe seersucker or something.
Why not launch the radioactive waste into space?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nopike343 Not sure how that fades, I expect with the lighter color maybe not so much. That light blue seems like is a real nice color for those STF's I have been considering them myself only $36 on Amazon. Yeah, I'm not expecting major fading but I'd like to see real-life pics. They seem to have a very solid, almost plasticky finish in that studio pic.
New Posts  All Forums: