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HOLY SHIT Thanks for posting this, it's amazing. He really went balls-out on that recording.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 I know a lot of people hate Halo for its fratboy fanbase, middle-of-the-road gameplay strategy and bland main character, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect multiplayer game. Uh... Starcraft? I do enjoy Halo though, I'll pick this one up. Haven't played ODST yet though.
Lori Penor.
Morrissey is one of the douchiest douches to ever disgrace this earth. If there were a way to harness egos to generate electricity, he could power most of the western hemisphere.
I played the shit out of CCR tunes when I started out. The first few weeks are rough on the fingertips.
Quote: Originally Posted by Verno Inferno I think I agree. I'm in the market for some sound isolating headphones because I'm getting a little tired of in-ear. I like the sound isolating for train rides and all, but I dislike that when I walk, I can feel/hear the bass of my footfalls and they sound like a giant is approaching. I also dislike that when the wind or my arm touches the wire, all the vibrations are nice and loud in my ear. Are these...
Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac you might also want to check out the sennheiser px100s which are also semi-open and sound great, though i really can't stand the 5-spoke car wheel design. Seriously? They sound awful. I tried a pair before getting my beyers and I felt like I was listening through this: And IMO a truly over-the-ear phone would be better for the OP's purposes.
Good Lord people, stop recommending open phones for the guy. He's looking for office phones, I doubt he wants to share his music with the whole damn floor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan You show a lack of experience if you think better cables don't matter on cans. I'm too sure If they don't matter on speakers (they don't, BTW), they won't matter on headphones either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I have learned that upgrading the cable can be very worthwhile. My recording buddy has some Senns with the Cardas cable upgrade and that makes a noticeable difference over the stock cord. Does he have Monster High-Speed HDMI cables at home, too?
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