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I was wondering if my shoes are too clean to pull off the look?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird Wait, so PhatGuido is starting his own tailoring company??(!) What am I missing here? I doubt it... I think he means he just got a new suit from a new tailor.
Since it's knit, it might be OK with a gingham shirt and a lighter suit, maybe seersucker or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nopike343 Not sure how that fades, I expect with the lighter color maybe not so much. That light blue seems like is a real nice color for those STF's I have been considering them myself only $36 on Amazon. Yeah, I'm not expecting major fading but I'd like to see real-life pics. They seem to have a very solid, almost plasticky finish in that studio pic.
I love H&M boxer briefs... They're comfortable, durable and cheap.
Anyone have any experience with the 501 STF in "Light Blue"? I can't find any pics of a worn-in pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del So incredibly punchable.
Bands tend to draw influences from other bands, and sometimes they'll draw rather heavily. In some cases it's plagiarism (see the Coldplay/Satriani debacle) but in others, I like to think of it as a loving tribute. Here's a good example -- Dream Theater - "The Best of Times" Rush - "The Spirit of Radio" Post 'em if you got 'em!
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Watching the Winter Olympics got me thinking, are snow/ice sports the domain of the well-off/rich? I mean snowboards, skis and other equipment cost $$$ not to mention the cost of travel to snowy/icy places and accommodation. Yes. Perhaps some day the snowy areas of the globe will be inhabited, but until then only the rich can afford to buy plane tickets and hire sherpas to go skiing.
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