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Quote: Originally Posted by elgreco Stoner/stoneresque metal has been my jam more recently Check out Electric Wizard if you haven't already, also Reverend Bizarre.
I don't understand why you have to dress a certain way just because you enjoy a particular genre of music. I'm a huge metal fan (everything from Maiden to Carcass to Death to Sadus etc.) but I rarely wear band shirts. Luftvier, another member here, is into Black Metal, but he spends most of his time in a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol hey i live here too Parles-tu francais?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol to be frank i am shocked to have any votes Why? You're easily one of the most inspiring posters on SF.
We know Major Tom's a junkie, that didn't need to be a poll option.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wallcloud Why are there font nerds on SF? I dont know why anyone would discuss this outside of a graphic arts class or a printing shop. Design and clothes intersect, I don't find that surprising at all.
I have no problem seeing Helvetica everywhere, because it's a nice font. Comic Sans is grotesque, in the other sense of the word. I do prefer Univers to Helvetica, though.
Politicians are talking heads, they are designed to be as bland as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower When the crowd began to protest after discovering what had happened, Bill Murray ran on stage and shouted out "Nobody will believe you!"
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