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The washer doesn't shrink clothes very much, it's the dryer that you have to watch out for. Wash it, then dive it a high-temperature run in the dryer. Be careful though, don't shrink it too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims My beard and I last Sunday: Holy shit, this has an awesome 70s vibe to it. You look like Shaft's long-lost brother.
I was sure he'd kick that cancer's ass. He had the greatest voice in rock. R.I.P.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol wear tanktops exclusively I go topless, it's much easier (although the cost of baby oil adds up)
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol 27 pitch game. Has anyone even managed a 54-pitch game?
I like the one at 1:50. Good to see another GarageBand "musician" here, although I don't have the guts to post anything on YT
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Why don't you just pin it yourself and then have them sew it? This is what I've started doing. That's... an astonishingly good idea. It seems so obvious too
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Whats the difference between this and wearing a crew-neck with a v-neck sweater? It's the same effect only for some reason far less scorned upon. I see this in the same light as bright coloured socks showing at the ankles, that is, it can be a nice touch if it's not too obvious. I think the crewneck T under a v-neck sweater is equally hated.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The apology is a big thing to do, shows more class than those that ragged on your looks (was I one of them ). Anyway, what you do is more "real" than what we do here, in that more guys are likely to take advice on how to buy/alter a suit from Target than to spend $5K on a bespoke suit. I do think that many things that you can learn here would help what you do on your blog. A $300 suit will never be a $5000 suit, but...
^ How does it work, it is a steamer?
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