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chukka boot size 8 insole: 10" outsole: 11 1/4" widest point: 4" ring boot size 8 insole: 10 1/4" outsole: 11 3/8" widest point: 4 1/4"
Michael Rooker as Merle stole the show in episode 3
New 20% off promo code for Streetammo: HOLIDAY20 I'm assuming it works for SNS Herning I just got the Naval sweater and the Stark from Streetammo today. Love them both. I went true to size based on others' experiences and I'm glad I did. These have quite a bit of stretch to them, especially the Stark. My medium Stark measures 19" pit-pit for anyone who's wondering. BTW, zissou thanks for posting those measurements. That was very helpful in deciding which size to...
I took a trip to the Philippines earlier this year and from what I remember the rules were as following: - Torch lighters are NOT permitted at all - Common lighters (such as Bics or Zippos) containing fuel are NOT permitted in checked baggage but are allowed as carry-on items. Lighters not containing fuel are permitted in checked baggage as well as carry on.
Alex Ariza, Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach, said after the fight that the supposed illegal substance Margarito took immediately before the fight was Hydroxycut. Stimulants are not allowed in boxing pre-fight (not even coffee is allowed), only food or water can be consumed. If this is true, Margacheato should be banned permanently, what a POS!
TyPooN's obsession with Pacquiao is hilarious
That's more like it. Thank you, those vibram soles look excellent. I'm done with Quoddy after the quality issues I had with my last pair so I'm probably gonna order a pair of the brown trail oxford's. I just hope what happened to Quoddy doesn't happen to Oak Street, this is a very promising start.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 thanks tigers! Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 ^ i dont. i just like his stuff. Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 ^ thats awesome! he is going to be doing good things. after seeing the yuketen cordovan loafers we all need to bug him to do something in cordovan... Quote: Originally Posted by...
I have a pair of the woven cotton drawstring pants from the Strutter collection that I wear to the gym almost everyday. Fuckin' love em The baggy pants/shorts, the sheer tees/tanktops, the hi-tops....a significant portion of what Rick puts out is basically high end gym-wear Of course the outerwear is on another level
Quoddy Deck Chukkas
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