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Quote: Originally Posted by mpcec Oakstreet is way too derivative, nothing interesting coming out of that brand. Prefer Yuketen for the variety of styles they produce/ materials they use/ etc. X2
I have both and Yuketen is definitely better. The leather quality and construction is just on another level.
In other news, Context's Yuketen buy is up on their website.... I just had to get this
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 bow - Parka looks great. Embrace something different than the norm. Why can't you "do" them? My entire wardrobe is mostly blue, grey, charcoal, olive, lots of plaid....I guess solid bright colors are just not my thing. If the green trail parka was more of a forest green I might've considered it.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude context got their 4 models of yuks in ... not up online yet Any idea which models came in? I was wondering when they'd finally get there Yuk order in. Seems like Context is one of the last.
Man, I wish this season's trail parka came in some kind of navy or blue colorway. I just can't do green or red or gold.
-paypal only please -shipping by USPS Priority with delivery confirmation -international shipping please enquire Mr. Freedom Off-Duty CPO shirt, size medium brand new, never worn $340 shipped OBO Details and measurements here: SNS Herning Naval sweater, size medium brand new, never worn SOLD pit: 19" shoulder: 17" length: 26" Engineered Garments olive CPO shirt, size medium brand new, never worn $165 shipped...
Any stockist out there still carrying the olive Cruiser Shirt Jacket in large? I was gonna buy it from Odin but waited too long Also, if anyone's interested in the olive CPO shirt (size medium) from this season, hit me up...
price drop on naval sweater $210>>$200 shipped
First off, I'd like to thank everyone in this thread for their input. It was not my intention to rip off or deceive anyone by charging over "retail". I based my prices on what I saw on SNS Herning's official website, where retail is 240 EUR ($335) for the Stark and 180 EUR ($251) for the Naval sweater. With that said, I've always posted in the Buy/Sell forum under the assumption that asking prices are negotiable unless stated otherwise by the seller. I will gladly...
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