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Tombihn.com has some great laptop bags that are well-constructed and made to last. I have one of their shoulder bags and it has served me well.
Did you even try using a simple Google search? stussydirect.com
Official APC website: http://www.apc.fr/us/en/index.php
Pay with a credit card using Paypal
My Sugarcane Garrison belt just came in. Wow, that was fast! I ordered on the 10th and they arrived today, the 13th. Thanks Derrick, I only wish I had ordered some Loopwheeler tees when I had the chance.
Nudie Baggy Bjorn Sugarcane 1955
This is why I'll never buy APC jeans unless I can try them in the store first.
What's the status on the SF EG belt? I can't wait to wear mine with my Canes!
LA Guy, just to let you know, I sent payment for a size 36 henna. Thanks!
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