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Looking forward to this, I'm hoping to see more written articles by Simmons. I hate listening to podcasts.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 so im a sheen because i think posting wwm in a eg thread is not the best idea? ob ... you know better than that. if you wanna attack me thats fine, feel free. but make a real argument. Based on the content of your posts and the way you talk down to other posters of this forum, it's very REAL. Not just in this thread, but several others. It has happened time and time again and that is a fact.
whatever123 seems to suffer from bi-polar disorder, or maybe narcissistic personality disorder is more fitting?
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus If im a Large in EG jackets, is it safe to say id be a large in the work shirts ? I'm a medium in the workshirts but wear a large in the jackets (Bedford, Baker, etc.). The workshirts have gotten slimmer during the last year or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonV I have these and have bad heel slip also Oldboy, other Yuketens are fine. I remember I got a half size down at the time but these were far too tight so went with my true size after advice from SF. I haven't worn them yet properly as weather's been warmer but maybe this is just the way these are? I'm beginning to think that as well. I measured the Maine Guide's lengthwise inside the shoe and they are...
Thanks for your help guys, I'm gonna try putting in some heel grips tomorrow to see if they help
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 you will have some heel slip in all mocs, at least that is what ive noticed. how does the width feel? if they feel snug (not tight) i think you will be okay. they wont stretch in the length and will eventually take on the shape of your foot, as im sure you have experienced. also, there are sizing inconsistencies, at least to some extent, from pair to pair so you may have gotten a slightly longer pair in your...
For those who own this season's Maine Guide Ox DB's, is heel slip normal? I just got my pair (US8D) in from Context and upon trying them on I could feel heel slip in both pairs. I am a US8 in the Quoddy ring boots and chukkas and a US8E in the Yuketen Angler Mocs....all three of these pairs fit spot on. They feel fine when I put them on but once I start walking my back heels lift up about a 1/2" from the bottom of the inside of the shoes. The front part of the shoe feels...
Quote: Originally Posted by mpcec Oakstreet is way too derivative, nothing interesting coming out of that brand. Prefer Yuketen for the variety of styles they produce/ materials they use/ etc. X2
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