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I hope you can find a way to forgive me
   I recently received this Chan and Sons suit made with JJ Minis #0304 blue flannel. I love it. The modeling of the wool is rich yet subtle. The material is warm, comfortable, and performs very well. It did take five months to make which was disappointing. Nevertheless, I consider another winning combination of Chan and Sons and JJ Minnis, and my sidekick Mr. Pink who turned me on to the fabric. ELG
Awesome. What is the top model called? The one in U last/oxblood?
Shouldn't you be working instead of posting pictures of your shoes on the internet?
What kind of paper tissue? The kind stores use when they wrap up your purchases?
I have small brushed to apply polish. But lately, I have noticed that the bristles are becoming hard and rigid from the polish that remains on the brush. Now, I fear they would scratch the shoes, so I have temporarily switched to pieces of cloth. Am I doing something wrong that is causing the brushed to become hard? Thank you in advance, ELG
I don't know. I haven't worn EG's yet. I do have Lobb's, which I consider better made, but not as attractive.
was a steal. I hear they are now as much as Edward Greens.
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