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Brown looks good with charcoal suits.
There are many nice austere wingtips, but the nicest I have seen are the 104's by St. Crispins or the connaught by G and G. I have attempted to attach a picture below. If I failed, you can go to the leather soul website. See below:  
Price Bump. $500 shipped CONUS.
Price Bump, down to $600, shipped CONUS.
When you order first suit from a new tailor, you should always proceed with a basted fitting. This allow the tailor to make more adjustments when the suit is almost completed, but has been completely stitched together yet. Regards, Erick I am selling this beautiful pair of Alfred Sargent brogued oxfords, which were purchased from Leffot, before I learned I needed the wide last for AS's. I have only worn them three five times total. As you can see, they show minimal signs of wear. If these shoes fit, I would definitely keep them, and I don't want to have them stretched. You can see better quality pictures at the Leffot website: The...
I thought you all might like to take a look at these:
Dear Friends, I am ordering a Navy Suit, and the time has come for me to pick the buttons. WW Chan is currently offering me the options below. I am thinking the smoked MOP...who's with me?! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
I say go with CT if you are short on cash. I personally prefer Joe Hemrajani, but his shirts start at roughly 100 or 115 per shirt. You can get CT for significantly less I am attaching pictures of my recent Chan suit made with Harrison Oyster 75765 Sharkskin blue fabric (13 oz) . I love it. I include a picture with the jacket next to a standard brooks brothers navy blazer to give an idea of how bright/light the fabric is. It wears really well. One button, ticket pocket.
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