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Sam sells a beautiful Cal Berkeley tie, and that should be enough for everyone.
That's a beautiful coat. Let me know if you ever want to sell it...
I object to: -decent, non-chino khakis -button down blue shit
You can't wear a watch with a black leather band if your shoes are brown. Vice Versa. If your watch has a gold bezel, your cuff links must be gold. Silver bezel = silver links. The above rule also applies to tie clips. If your suspenders have black leather runners, your shoes must be black.
Dear SFers, I recently visited on the fly in downtown SF. I always loved this store (or stores, they have a bespoke and a retail store) for many reasons. But now, they have a large selection of Alfred Sergant shoes, both handgrade and exclusive range. They have display models not only in black and brown, but also in green and midnight blue! Plus, they have a sample shoe in virtually every size so you can try them on. I am placing a MTO order this week. For people...
I love the one with the key lime edge.
Dear SF, I have several pairs of Thurston braces with WHITE goatskin ends. They have become dirty. How can I clean them. (I have repeatedly contacted Alebrt Thurston directly, and their advice did not help). Warm Regards, ELG
Beautiful. And who makes the fabric of your suit from the first link?
Dear SF, I am considering some double monks. I love the way the look by themselves, but I have never seen a pair being worn. Would you please post some action shots. By that I mean, pictures of them being worn with a suit, etc. Thank you all in advance. Warm Regards, ELG
What's the catch? seems too good to be true.
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