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Wow. Stunning
Wow. Beautiful. I can never get a good shine on my Vass'.
Price drop from $450 to $400.00
I am selling a pair of lightly worn captoe boots. These boots are beautiful. I purchased a few months back from Leathersoul BH. I am attaching the link to their advertisement. Please PM with any questions. $450 Shipped CONUS. Price drop down to $350.00 http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/09/08/alden-shoes-choco-suede-plaza-cap-toe-boot-lsw/
For sale, a beautiful pair of Vass in Cognac. I have only worn these about nine times. However, they are too narrow for me (I did not know that with the U-last, you have to order up half a size). They come with lasted shoe trees, dust bags, and the original shoe box. Shipping in CONUS included. Price drop: $400.00 ....350.00
I just received my bespoke oxford suit from Wingtip. It was roughly a two months turn-around. it is beautiful, and nicer than I expected. The store has a great tailor (Erik) that is doing some minor adjustments, and I am picking it up tomorrow. I will be posting pictures tomorrow.
Very nice.
would "9. RAFFAELE CARUSO SARTORIA PARMA plaid sportcoat - EU 50 r 3 roll 2, dual vent, 2 patch pocket, 100 wool / British cloth, fully lined jacket" fit someone who wears a 40 R in US sizing?
What do people think of these shoes...what could one wear these with?
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