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I have a chance to buy a pair of beautiful AS Handgrade for an unbelievably low price. But they are pretty tight on the pinky toes, and at the instep. If they stretch a bit, they will be fine. But if they don't, they won't. I hope someone can tell me that they will stretch after a few wears. Thanks in advance. --ELG
OMG. Those are too beautiful
I can't wait for this.
I want to buy some EG Falkirk's, please.
Very nice. The burgundy trim is a very nice touch.
Good lucking out
Price drop
Lightly used pair of Edward Green for RLPL shoes. These are wonderful - the best (IMO) Edward Green color - Dark Oak. The burnishing is perfect on this pair. Worn seldom. Under 12 wears total, with a thin insole at all times - the lining is flawless. No issues with the shoes. EG size on the shoe is 9/9.5E. These are best for a US 9.5D. Comes in a RLPL Purple box with shoe bags. No trees (but trees have always been used). I purchased these shoes a few weeks ago from Mr....
What type of leather are these? I can never get a decent shone out of my vass'.
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