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Please. I know somebody out there knows where I can find some. ELG
You do catch some heat at first for wearing the vest, but after a couple of wears, people just shut up and start respecting. Also, I think the jacket lining needs to match the back of the vest lining. However, I think it is ok to go with a bright/contrasting lining for the back of the vest.
Is the attache done yet?
I have some Alden Shell Cordovans in color 8. Every website I see says to use a different color polish. However, Alden makes their own polish in a color 8 ( I assume, and hope, Saphir actually makes it). Since Alden makes the shoe, I would presume that would be the best. Any thoughts on what color, or colors, will provide the best patina for the shoes? Thank you all in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinky89484 Inception Inception did have some lovely suits. Especially, one guy has a striped lining on the back of his vest. I have searched for months, for a lining to do this, but have continually failed.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels None of use have ever looked this good...nor will we... Is Connery's suit a subtle glen plaid? The lapels are the perfect length.
Thomas Crown Affair (with Steve McQueen of course) Chinatown Maltese Falcon
sorry about that.
Finally, my new chan suit arrived. I love the Minnis sharkskin. The fabric was a relative bargain and its fits, and looks, great, in my opinion. I am posting some pictures.
Well-kept: you're right about the traction. In retrospect, I should have gotten the cigar shell indy boots by alden. However, if I may it back form Chicago, the Chukkas will be more versatile.
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