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Thank you. The toe box is why I had to go up from 43 to 43.5
In the U last, I wear 43.5. Is it the same fit for K-last?
The p2p is 19inches from the way I measured. I attached a new picture.
I am selling on lovely pair of Midnight Blue Alfred Sargent hand grade shoes. They came with a metal tap toe, and lasted shoe trees. All of these extras are included in this auction. Alfred Sargent hand grade shoes sell for well over one-thousand dollars. I have included one picture from the company's website which show this model in black. These shoes are extremely well made, by hand, in England. There are many positive reviews online. For example, styleforum has...
Dear SF, I attended the Saint Crispin trunk show at wingtip, and I actually met Saint Crispin's founder Phillip Carr. It was a terrific show. It was great to be able to see all their models in person, and to order a pair with all of the leather swatches available for viewing. I believe that Wingtip is stocking a few pairs in each size, and does not even charge for a custom ordering fee. Crispins are a clear step up from even Edward Green or John Lobb.
I am selling one beautiful Canali two button suit. The pattern is a lovely very fine herringbone of black and dark blue strands. The fabric reads as a midnight blue, with a subtle sheen. I purchased it from Gary's from Del Mar, California. Please contact me with any questions. The sleeve length, as I measure it (see photo) is 24.75" Shoulder to shoulder, as I measure it (see photo) is 19.5" From bottom of collar to bottom of jacket (see photo) is 29.6" p2p is...
Wow. Perhaps the nicest case I have ever seen. I need clients like yours!
I wish I could. Good luck.
This is a brand new Drake's of London tie with small design. Beautiful!
For sale is one beautiful silver gray glen plaid / prince of wales suit. It is a classic style with a center vent. If you wear this suit, people will be calling you Don Draper all day. It is in very good shape. The jacket is fully lined, and the pants are lined to the knee. If desired, I will gladly have the suit professionally cleaned and pressed before I ship it. Pants Measurements: length: 42 inches inseam: 30 inches waist: 34 inches Jacket: sleeves: 24...
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