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lulz wb bro
This is sometimes the case with MJ, but even in areas with heavy smoker ratios, you don't see people smoking inside (banned from businesses, doesn't really happen in any but the shittiest of residences). If someone did that in my house, I'd ask them to put it out or take it outside. They could even stand outside next to an open window, so long as they exhale in the opposite direction. The Colorado ski towns are worse than Boulder, especially the more local places like...
They know how to cook though...
I need to replace some things in my wardrobe and have some disposable income.... the first step back down the rabbit hole
Trying to get back into the game and don't know where I want to go with my wardrobe, all I know is mine is pitifully boring. Haven't bought any non-snow related clothing since last summer/fall.
Most factories employ migrant East Asian/Latin American workers, regardless of location. And there are often shadier aspects of manufacturing anyhow (such as an item being made in China and then "finished" in Italy for a Made in Italy tag). As the others said, judge it on other measures   If you want something that will dissolve and die, great choice
Well so much for that hope, Reid just got run over by a bus
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