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Trying to get back into the game and don't know where I want to go with my wardrobe, all I know is mine is pitifully boring. Haven't bought any non-snow related clothing since last summer/fall.
Most factories employ migrant East Asian/Latin American workers, regardless of location. And there are often shadier aspects of manufacturing anyhow (such as an item being made in China and then "finished" in Italy for a Made in Italy tag). As the others said, judge it on other measures   If you want something that will dissolve and die, great choice
Well so much for that hope, Reid just got run over by a bus
Used wildcard, not a single player on my team got over 2 points, including subs (maybe Winston Reid will pull a hat trick and carry my sorry ass team). Nice to see Everton sitting above Manchester, even if they're also over my Gunners
Went from 2nd to 12th after Chelsea v. Reading and subs. Had Podolski and Giroud on because I couldn't decide who would be more reliable and forgot to swap one out, oops. Almost wanted to use my wildcard o make unnecessary changes already. FT brought in Davis to save .5 from the reserve keeper slot
Would love to watch the Chelsea v PSG match at Yankee Stadium even without all the signings being exhibited. Sounders will be crushed but at least it will allow Chelsea to play a respectable attacking gamePretty quiet all around in regards to transfers, though there are some interesting stories to watch
Query: Does anyone actually believe Valdez is Barça quality, or do they just assume he'll never see action anyway? He is about as poor a keeper as can be found in top tier football the only reason I can see for him still being around is that they want to spend their money on their outfield
Bro kit to match my tribal tats, bro
It's gotten less blatant, but it definitely isn't a non-issue. Alas, not the place for such discussionPity about RvP, but Walcott is coming into his own and we just picked up Giroud. We'll see what others are brought in, I'd like to see more creative mid signings
New Posts  All Forums: