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Good to hear it, you will enjoy it! sj: checks in the mail right?
All, I just bought the second suit (brown one) at a Polo Outlet, very nice suit. The window pane is much more subtle then the pictures let it on to be, totally worth the price if it fits you. I lucked out with a very trim 38R on the 75% off rack.
jacket seems really long. any chance you can double check the measurements?
Anyone know of a good cobbler out on the Main Line? In addition, how about a decent watch maker? Thank you!
Thanks Jason, for saving me the cash...
Someone want to PM me with the instructions to get the discount for an eBay purchase? I tried going to the site, but can't find the "store" for eBay. Thanks!
Need the traditional navy blazer. Prefer two button, and dual vent, but won't turn down an offer on something different. No cap on the price, but not looking to spend more than I would at Brooks Brothers for a new one. Thanks.
Check PMs please.
You got PM.
PM sent as well!
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