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Hey everyone, I'm looking for BoO solid color or plaid shirts and Gitman Vintage plaid shirts in size Small. PM me what you have! Thanks
I actually prefer Stan Smiths in the white colorways. I agree that in the black it looks a little too nurseshoe-like.
the fit pics that they have for each item are frustrating. they use an annoying model who poses in awkward positions. http://www.styleyours.co.kr/images/d...AGE/479_01.jpg that picture does not make me want to buy the shirt. also why do they insist on him holding a coffee cup in so many pictures.
that model is great.....
Price drops and J Crew sweater vest added.
Just picked up a pair of Gap Premium Denim Straight fit from the Gap Outlet. They are pretty good fit/quality for the price, which ended up being aroun $20 after all the sales. What are your thoughts? Sorry for tiny pic:
So I finally have my first pair of Nudie Jeans and I went with the Slim Jims in Dry Broken Twill. What do you guys think of the fit? I probably could have sized up 1 more, but hopefully with stretching these will loosen in the thighs/butt.
I'm looking to buy RRL raw denim in straight or slim fits in a size 30-32 waist. Please let me know if you have any available!
New clothing added! Any questions, pm me.
When will the stores start carrying the Fall/Winter stuff? I know Context had the pre-order for certain shirts, but I'm looking forward to the following design: http://www.gitmanvintage.com/imgs/gitmanFW_04.jpg
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