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I like the look of this jacket... does anyone have experience with this shop?
Im in a rush I need a blazer the end of this week for a gathering at the law firm i just started working for. I had an old JAB blazer but I have somehow managed to misplace it. I looked around (briefly) and have seen two different options that look attractive. Any thoughts from the experts (you) on which blazer i should purchase. Suggestions and alternatives are most welcome. However, I am looking for a classicly styled navy blazer. Hickey Freeman via...
Any Filson dealers have a black friday sale going on?
I need help. I'm 6'4 and looking for a sharp casual winter coat in a tall size. I'm partial to wool. Ive tried the Jcrew and Schott peacoats and had to send them both back because they just didnt look right. What options are out there for me? Anyone else been in in a position like this? Thanks.
yeah i am 6'4. i would order a tall large... i dont like the short jacket look.
Does anyone have any fit pics of the Bayswater peacoat? I want to pull the trigger because of the sale but im worried about the length of the jacket. Does it fall to mid thigh?
it looks like the Filson comes up JUST short of my law school needs at 6 inches... thanks for the replies.
Im considering purchasing the Filson 257 for law school. My heaviest load is 3 BIG law school books and my laptop + a couple pens and highlighters. Does the 257 have enough space to meet my needs?
I'm looking for an affordable navy blazer that can go with jeans OR with chinos/dress pants for work. I stumbled upon this blazer which is on sale. What do you guys think?
I got this briefcase for Christmas because I wanted to use it to carry my books in law school this year. I just got my schedule/book list and the briefcase won't be big enough to fit all the giant books that I will need to carry to class on a daily basis. This sucks because I know I will purchase this same briefcase in three years after I graduate. I've used it less than 10 times so it's as close to brand new as you can get. Hopefully someone on styleforum was looking at...
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