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Can anyone recommend me some solid fabrics that aren't prone to as much wrinkling? Need some business shirts for my internship! Do lighter fabrics generally wrinkle more or less? I have a few CT shirts that seem to hold up pretty well throughout the course of the day, but they obviously do not fit as well as Luxire for my body size. 
Need some quick help as I am trying to make an order in the next few minutes for a white dress shirt. Ok so I have basically nailed my fit of my casual OCBD's, but now its time to start ordering some business attire for the office that I can wear with a suit. I usually have a center pleat for my oxfords, but I am not going to do this with my dress shirts as I want no pleats at all. Will this change the fit of the shirt with my measurements that I already have nailed down?...
  Wearing my sky blue oxford today that I recently received. Now I realize why everyone was saying that this shirt is a must. Fantastic quality for the price and they nailed the fit adjustments to the bottom of the shirt. Excuse the bunched up fabric on my shoulders as it is just the way I am sitting. This will definitely be my go to shirt to wear both tucked in as well as untucked with jeans for many months to come. 
Originally we agreed upon a small adjustment that didn't end up working as well as I would have liked. I sent some photos and it was recommended that I make note of the problem in the next orders that also refer to the photos. I believe what was changed was the pattern of the bottom of the shirt. I didn't change anything with the original measurements to be clear. My advice is to do the same thing I did and they will alter the pattern at the bottom of the shirt without you...
Just wanted to quickly convey how impressed I am with the quality of service and the recent turnaround times. I have recently been in email talks with Luxire after the bottom of my shirt was made with a little too much flare at the bottom that caused it to look like an hourglass. Changes were made and I ordered two more shirts (Sky Blue Oxford and Dark Purple Gingham) on November 10th. I am traveling out of the US for Thanksgiving and I was hoping to receive my shirts...
I experienced the exact same thing over the past week! Very pleased to say the least. 
My go to blue dress shirt is falling apart so it is time for an upgrade. I generally like breathable fabrics that don't wrinkle very much so any suggestions gentleman? What is your favorite dress shirt fabric from Luxire? I was thinking of picking up something that is a lighter blue color. Thanks
Thanks for the reply. The collar is the standard button down collar from Luxire which I think look great without any changes made it it. As far as the pants go, they are a pair of banana republic suit pants that I was wearing at the office earlier that day and I just decided to throw on the shirt to take pictures. Right now my thoughts are that I am going to increase the sleeve measurement by either .25 or a half inch. Waist seems perfect but I think the body will be more...
This might be a stupid question, but can someone provide me with Theresa's email address. I cant find it on the website and I have heard that people email her photos and she gives feedback on how to slightly adjust measurements for the next order. Thanks!
I personally love the look of a BD collar without a tie. I specifically buy them to wear like this and I go with a spread or cutaway collar if I'm going to be throwing a tie on. 
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