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I too recently purchased a pair of Levis red tab slim straight 514 jeans for about $55 from Levis website. Yeah, I violated the cardinal rule of shopping and paid retail but it was cheap enough, although now I feel somewhat cheated because Get Smart got them for $30. I've been wearing only bootcut jeans for years but the skinny jean trend has belatedly started to look good to me. The main reason I shunned away from straight jeans was the bulging thighs and the overall...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 APC New Standards. I got them about 4 monts ago and have worn them 26 times. zjpj83, I'm considering buying a pair of New Standard- can I ask you what your normal waist size is and what size your New Standards are? I've heard I should order two inches smaller.
I wear 31 Sevens (bootcut, not relaxed) and 30 Paper Denim ICN models. What would be the right size for New Standards? I think I'm one of few people here who actually like their Seven jeans and I'd like to get a similar fit. So should I get 29 or 30? I'm fairly thin, including my thighs... 5'10 & around 145lbs. For reference, I wear euro size 46 for dress trousers from brands like Costume National and Margiela (sp?). Thanks!
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