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^ not everyone is in the US / familiar with US holidays.
hi there, dropped you a couple emails over the weekend but haven't yet heard back. your response is appreciated.. cheers, thom.
couldn't make my way through the entire thread, so - what is the general consensus on the slim fit oxford shirts? looking to step up from my uniqlo numbers (if it is indeed a step up?).
those are really nice. are they both the same shoe / gibsons? best place to kop?
are the postmans as glossy as they appear in stock photos? always turned me off.. otherwise a nice looking shoe.
IMO very cropped, boxy and narrow through the shoulders. odd.
i wear 30" trousers in almost every brand (despite being 6'0 and 48 up top) - am i best off opting for 46 in the trousers or 48?
^ not only made it to 50% off, many things are still there.
it's been noted many times before that ervell suiting runs a size off. L=42. M=40. S=38.
yes / no on the fleece jacket? TTS? although i note 19" p2p on the medium seems a little tight..
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