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yep, i moved on from ervell a good while ago no. webstore was real hit and miss for me - sometimes really helpful, other times i got donuts. of late, it's been the latter. wonder if patrik would try and turn thing around if he saw the dissatisfaction in this thread..
just ordered a couple S/S numbers from in small from mr porter. time will tell if they're a shrunken or a regular fit! i'm hoping for the latter..
webstore dropping its game? alright, been out of the ervell game for a couple years now but need a few shirts. i'm a pretty true 46 / small, but i am tall (6"+). i've had smalls from ervell fit me well in the past, and others just too damn small (too narrow, too high arm-holes). i generally wear medium in his outerwear. anyway, quick look at the measurements (are these still accurate?) tell me i should be sweet in a S button collar shirt (21.25" P2P). the standard...
thanks for the info but damn, made to measure is exxy.is there any rhyme or reason to the GV sizing discrepancies or is it on a shirt by shirt basis? i have a two lightweight zephr's from this season in small and one measures a good inch or so larger in just about every dimensions.. the other one i fear fits more like a regular GV small.. which is, alas, too small on me.
any guys here fall between sizes? i'm a skinny 6'0 guy, with otherwise 'small' proportions. size small, for the most part, is a tad tight (chest and overall length particularly - sleeves are bang on), but the jump to medium in GV seems to be big.. from an 18" chest to 21", apparently. should i go ahead at source some mediums? can't help but feel they'll be billowy in the body and too long in the arm. killer.
^ okay, thanks - so there are actually two collar sizes available and south willard is offering the smaller version?is it safe to assume that if the retailer makes no mention of a smaller collar, it is the regular size?
what's with the "smaller button down collar" description on most (all?) of the gitman vintage shirts on south willard? the healthier sized collar is one of the reasons i love gitman. are these different versions?
so, got my first BoO oxford and yeah, it's pretty nice (although not quite sure it justifies the price-tag - still a good step up from my 'qlo.) anyway, i ordered knowing well that they run slim and short, and yep, they sure do run short. i'm a pretty sure 46 (albeit quite tall at 6', w/ a long torso at that) and opted for the size 2 (which fits well everywhere - except length). perhaps i'm simply used to longer oxfords but on the sides this guy is right on my belt line....
^ their loss. i'll take my shopping to continental european stores that automatically deduct vat (ie. you pay 20% less than their marked price.) - TBS, caliroots, our legacy, et. al. i've only ever had trouble claiming VAT with the british webstores.
^ have you got a refund on this lately? about to pull the trigger on some shoes that i suspect are almost out of stock and they still haven't gotten back to me on the whole VAT refund issue and can't nobody on the phone can tell me for sure (!).. almost inexcusable to be automatically charging non-EU residents VAT in this day and age. Most decent webstores detect your location and deduct such charges automatically.
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