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i sized up.
anyone with experience with the gitman / unionmade suiting? how is the sizing? i've been on the lookout for a nice cotton suit. i'm a true 15 (as in, between S & M in their oxfords.) 30" waist.
finally bit the bullet and got a made to measure. (sucks falling between small and medium off-the-shelf). anyway, well worth it in my case. fit is spot on. on an unrelated note - any way to avoid creasing? my gitman oxfords crease up like crazy over the course of a day (morning, even). i don't doing anything special to them.. just a gentle wash followed by a hot steam iron once they're dry. TIA.
how is the PE store behaving of late? people getting their stuff?
thanks for the heads up - cotton suit seems to be exactly what i need. i like the idea of being able to match with different colour trousers.i didn't spot any cotton suits when i was in MJ bale the other day.. perhaps it's a summer thing.how does cotton work / feel in these cooler months though? do wool seperates always look orphaned (daresay they do)?
also have an aeron, albeit in non-chrome. would definitely opt for chrome if your budget will allow.
i'm looking to up my corporate attire and purchase a suit or two. i'm an architect and our office dress is very casual - borderline sloppy. as for me, i'm almost a complete suit novice. with this in mind, i'm after a fairly 'casual' suit. perhaps unstructured or less structured, perhaps with 'expressed' pockets (unsure on terminology here). i had a quick look in the usual high st suspects this week (herringbone, MJ bale, brooks brothers, a few others at the emporium) and...
i am indeed referring to gitman vintage.. i own a number in S (14.5"), just looking to see if anyone carries S-M (15") off the shelf..http://unionmadegoods.com/product/gitman-vintage-broadcloth-banker-stripe-button-down-in-blue/
i know 14.5" typically equates to small (and 15.5" medium), but does anywhere (besides union) carry shirts in 15.0"? trying to avoid MtO..
any recent feedback on suit shop guys? tempted to get my first (well, second) suit via them here in melbourne.
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