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In regards to slacks, look in blue and grey, they can work nicely with most shirt colors. In regards to a blazer/sportscoat. Start with Navy and then expand. I've got a Blazer in Navy and in Brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Working Buttonholes are now commonly found on low priced RTW, not to mention the aficionados who have them cut into their RTW jackets, where the only thing artisanal about the jackets are the buttonholes True, you can walk into Sears and Macys nationwide and find jackets with working buttonholes. Mind you, you can look at the button and see that it is poorly made...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade But if that's the case, why do it? Because I like how it looks? /edit/ To elaborate. If I were to wear my clothes only so that other people liked it, I'd be like the rest of the 19 year olds wearing A&F t-shirts and True Religion jeans. I wear stuff that I like and I'm going to keep on doing so. Some of the 5% that notice will like it, some won't. If me having one, two, three or all buttons undone is...
95% Won't notice or care. 5% of people will notice and I don't care what they think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne But that was besides the point. As I said, if you feel the US don't have enough power as a permanent member of the Security Council and would be better served with an American citizen as UNSG, feel free to offer a trade. Any nation woulg gladly switch place I think. You don't need to offer a trade because there is nothing that stops the US from having the UNSG position and our permanent seat on the security...
Not really... put on a 3 button, see how it looks. put on a 2 button, see how it looks. If you like one more than the other go with it. You're 'breaking the rules' by wearing a sports jacket with jeans in the first place, why would there be rules on how to break the rules? I find that the fabric and fit of the jacket, it more casual and more fitted = looks better with jeans.
Dressing all the way formal for a well danced tango would be... sweaty.
I wish I had a digital camera... as I've managed to pretty much exactly duplicate the picture with a very thin tie that widens very slowly. Well mine doesn't manage to get quite a pronounced cross, but its there on the top and bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent No, we fed the chicken. Don't you mean the cat?
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