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Not really... put on a 3 button, see how it looks. put on a 2 button, see how it looks. If you like one more than the other go with it. You're 'breaking the rules' by wearing a sports jacket with jeans in the first place, why would there be rules on how to break the rules? I find that the fabric and fit of the jacket, it more casual and more fitted = looks better with jeans.
Dressing all the way formal for a well danced tango would be... sweaty.
I wish I had a digital camera... as I've managed to pretty much exactly duplicate the picture with a very thin tie that widens very slowly. Well mine doesn't manage to get quite a pronounced cross, but its there on the top and bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent No, we fed the chicken. Don't you mean the cat?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I saw some cool boots from Tods that were like these in 11 but not as shiny, more of a normal calfskin finish. They were actually at the NM Last Call in Primm NV and they were about $100. I didn't catch those... was there last weekend.
Yeah damn ZipJ, buying up all the good babe catchers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Update - I have an interview next Thursday. Now to determine what to wear. I am initially thinking blue suit, white or blue shirt, red/tan tie, brown shoes. Basic, boring and safe for accounting firm interview. If you wanted to be basic and boring, black shoes
Damn, now thats how you sell clothes....
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan Eh. I don't get the anti-hoodyism here. No one has said they should be worn with a suit (besides GQ). I'm not anti hoody, I just don't like them personally. Wear them if you want. But there is no way in hell that that 'garment' is nothing but a vulgar heap.
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