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Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston I happen to be pretty fastidious about matching watchstrap/belt/shoe leather and watch case/belt buckle/wedding ring. I come from a watch geek background, so I'm always looking for an excuse to change watch straps anyway. Reasonable Quote: Yes, I do have two wedding rings - pt and yg. WTF Mate? Excessive
My college has it available as a Reserve 2 hour loan... what makes this book so special exactly?
A bottle of wine and female company... that’s all I had for the entire day for that matter. I need to eat more.
Silver, or Platnium... and it is defintely archaic and ignored now. I tend to match the leather to some degree and ignore the metal.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta if you were on death row, about to be executed, what would you want as your last meal? i would ask for authentic memphis barbecue, because i've never had it. I'd request to go to a 24/7 Buffet with a bathroom. Failing that; Nice big perfectly prepared veal in a wonderful mushroom and wine sauce, thinly sliced onion rings and escargot. Odd selection I know, but I've had it before and damn it was good....
Go here for all your answers
9 out of 10 women don't know, don't understand don't get and are not attracted to 'cool cars.' Most women will like the obvious status appeal of a BMW, Benz, Audi, Lexus, etc... And perhaps be turned off by the really high end stuff (Rolls, Ferrari...) But the thing you'll attract most in the high-end sports cars (Porsche Turbo, GT2, GT3, Carrera GT, Ferrari, Mercedes AMGs etc...) will be 14 year old boys.
I bet it would be possible, but I don't think it would be cheap enough to warrant it.
A Swiss Army Officers Two Tone is my workhorse A vintage Gold Girard Perregaux w/ white face and brown lizard strap for dress A vintage stainless steel Bucherer w/ slate face and black lizard strap for dress A vintage stainless steel Omega Seamaster w/ white face and brown leather strap for dress They are all hand-me-downs from my father.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty My car is a complete piece of crap, I eat stuff like Hamburger Helper, and I average maybe $25 a month on entartainment, yet I am perfectly willing to spend hundreds on a single garment. Perhaps I am subconsciously diverting all of my funds toward clothing? I cheap on everything except cigars. Which means I'm cheap on clothes.
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