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Quote: Originally Posted by sartorially senseless *edit* i should learn the word forum. Especially when talking about Rome!
My favorite is the girl in nice 'fitted' (read, form fitting) pj's and sandals with an umbrella during December as its raining.
I don't really like the design, but it could defintely be a day-to-day watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by FloorMonkey At what point do I actually buy then? My weight constantly changes and it is not uncommon for me to drift 3pounds in a month without trying. 3 pounds means nothing. Quote: Then its not uncommon for me to put that weight back on, and myabe a few more pounds. Its all a factor of how busy I am at weight/waist will never be pegged at one point. If your weight changes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Charley Some more help from the nannies: NYC eyes ban on restaurant trans fats NEW YORK (AP) -- Three years after the city banned smoking in restaurants, health officials are talking about prohibiting something they say is almost as bad: artificial trans fatty acids. The city health department unveiled a proposal Tuesday that would bar cooks at any of the city's 24,600 food service establishments from using...
I really like that shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I don't really like them as a form of jewelry. Mercedes-Benz's Mileage Club used to give out small lapel pins in addition to the grille badges to people who had more than 250,000 KM on their cars, so the "Old-Timers" could sort each other out at gatherings. But of course, who wears a lapelled jacket to gatherings anymore? Me? with jeans of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 I think you're sprending far too much time analyzing how you dress in order to fit in and not enough time getting some Grade A New England tail! C'mon man, snap out of it! You are in an area with the highest concentration of female students anywhere. You have your whole life to worry about pocket squares but only this year to create some kickass memories of wild, carefree fornication that will keep you grinning in your...
In-n-Out; double-double, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 10x10, 20x20
Watch and Masonic ring.
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