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Quote: Originally Posted by Lamo gt is a looker but i don't care for that color scheme. Heretic
There is nothing better for the casual tearing up of mountain roads than the Puma Speedcat. Even if I didn't like the style of them, I'd own two pairs. I only regret not having more.
Pocket Square without a tie is a-ok. As is french cuff without a tie. As is french cuff without a jacket. How flashy the links/knots are when worn without a jacket is a matter of taste and situation.
Black Brioni 4x2 blazer. Working buttons and all that jazz... $10
Outlets mainly sell the 346 line. Personally I've got a few of their 346 shirts from the outlet at a 3/$100 sort of deal. Whatever the hand-made quality issue etc.. they're slim-fits and are slim enough that I like them. They've held up well over a year of heavy formal and casual wear. I rather like them. They're also machine washable (big faux pas here).
The classic speed cat = gut. Future cat = nicht gut
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan No french cuffs without jacket Match watch metal with belt buckle and cufflinks Bollocks to both of those; French cuffs can be perfectly fine without a jacket of any kind. The second is just far to impractical. That would require at least two different wedding rings. At least 2 or 3 belts per color in order to get an adequate number of differnt buckles. Any number of dress and sports watches... And...
I find blue and pink to be very common for me. White linen and brown silk tend to by my next most common. The brown silk is for an odd light brown blazer that I wear with jeans and I find the darker brown pocket square to be a nice look, especially if paired with a tan shirt...
This topic really just screams streetwear + denim.
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