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Ok here we go, pictures of the finds I've posted in this thread or its previous incarnation. Its amazing to me I found all but the canali in the past week. In descending order: Gieves and Hawkes Suit The Canali sports coat The Pete's Fashion Blazer The three Gieves and Hawkes blazers. I suspect the double breasted one was part of a suit, but I couldn't find the pants for it anywhere in the store.
I tend to agree, I like the variation.
God I love this thrift store. 3, THREE! Gieves and Hawkes blazers. Photos of all the stuff when I get the full suit back from the tailors. One was $3.95, one 5.95 and one 9.95, or a bit over $21 when tax is included.
I'm 19, as of today I've got 3 suits and 5 blazers.
Street, not Wall Street.
You know if that suit was cheaper it'd be perfect for my next halloween costume.
Cannon Ball Run
Sent off the Gieves to be tailored, when it comes back I'll post up some pictures of it and the Canali that I talked about earlier in this thread or the previous incarnation of this thread.
Visited a talior in this coat and he confrimed for me the fabric was a very high end cashmere but that he didn't know anything about the maker, though it had unique details, ie the working buttons and what he called a european style cut of the lining. Anyone know anything about Pete' Fashions or what this kind of coat may cost? note: The pattern matching on the pocket flaps is perfect when worn, it was thrown a bit askew when laid down.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Chinese are not on par with the Swiss...... yet. The japanese were not on par with the US Auto industry at one time (or the swiss watch making industry) but that quickly changed. Lexus and Grand Seiko are, at a bare minimum, the equal to their European counterparts. BTW, Swatch group (which owns everything from Brietling to Omega to Bregeut), has a Chinese manufacturing facility. For the Chinese, it is only a matter of...
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