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I pretty much always wear my speed cats or kart cat II with jeans. Sometimes my actual racing shoes. I'm also something of a car fan and like having my feet portray that to anyone knowledgeable, or curious enough to ask what the hell I'm wearing. Even had someone stop and ask 'what kind of shoes are they? what are they for?' Sometimes my dress shoes. Don't have any sneakers outside of a pair of running shoes.
If you don't mind an extra button, go for it, if you do, send it back.
Uh, no. Double Breasted means instead of meeting 'in the center' like a single breast, one side of jacket overlaps the other. You can not button it either way.
You'll find that most people here never cared about those 'trends' in the first place.
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre That is for people that are pretending to do "the military thing" who have no idea about the fact that you don't actually tuck the trousers in the boots but instead the trousers are tightened (string or elastic) OVER the boots. While there is a string there to do that, it is not done nor is it advised. You tuck your pants into your boots.
I like the 96 hour and wouldn't be caught dead in the Tods. I wouldn't wear either while being 'dressed up' however. For a streetwear I'd like the 96 hour.
The real question, is the P4/5 Getting an EC sticker?
My now since deceased poodle And my chihuahua that I had to give away when I went to college. Going to get another once I leave. Love these dogs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyto We mustn't neglect the University of Caucasians Lost among Asians... Don't you mean the University of Cooks, Loons and Asians? Just please, dont forgot about the University of Casual Sex and Beer
I've only got pictures of my parents retirement homes... and not going to upload all of them (just the nice one). I currently reside in a fraternity house so its not like I've got more than a big room shared by 3 people anyway. Besides you'd all kill me if you saw how I store my jackets.
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