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Yes a suit is a very good idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Bad idea for Porsche. Would cause their resale values to plummet eventually. They would also have some clientele defect to other brands. Good for BMW, though As others have noted. VW and Porsche have had a parts and car sharing relationship for... well, forever. The formal merger of the companies won't do anything other than give Porsche even more control of the relationship and cement their control over the...
Making your particular style of non-pizza pizza a point of pride is... perplexing. Tell me more about your inferiority complex.
Quote: Originally Posted by skiwebster +1 on the you won't save money but you will save the environment. people who buy a hybird thinking they are saving money are wrong (unless you plan on putting a ton of miles on it). :shhh: The construction and eventual disposal of the batteries used in Hybrids is very bad(tm) for the environment.
The schools now: It is all about self-esteem in the schools now. Build the kids' self-esteem, make them feel good about themselves. If everybody grows up with high self-esteem, who is going to dance in our strip clubs? What's going to happen to our porno industry? These women don't just grown on trees. It takes lots of drunk dads missing dance recitals before you decide to whistle a tune with your vagina on the internet for fifty bucks. And if that disappears, where...
If you have a good time and she has a good time then who cares if one or both of you saw it as a joke to begin with?
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Timekeeping is the purpose of a wristwatch. Your personal choice to reject quartz is just that - a personal choice to which you are, of course, entitled. A blanket rejection of quartz for anyone is hardly justified. For what it's worth, I have several mechanicals and several quartz watches and love them both for different reasons. Jewelery is the purpose of a wristwatch. Time keeping is better left to...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The third one is a no-go under any circumstance but you seriously would not bang the other three at your age, particularly after a night of drinking ? The first one is probably a better piece than you have ever had/will ever get. Really? You really think the first enters into the 'better than most guys will ever have' category? I'm not saying she's not bangable, but she's certainly nothing out of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB And what happens at 5pm when they all leave the city? Who cares? Somehow I feel that the quality of life and desires of those people that don't want to live in a sardine can are more important than the 'life' of the city.
Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon this shirt can barely contain her personality Person--- Huh?
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