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 @razl cheers for the mention and enjoy your trip.
Merola unlined carphincho gloves. Size 8. Hand stiched in Italy. Used for about 2 months.   $130 USD shipped.        
Inis Meain sweater. 100% linen. Handmade in Ireland.   Measurements (approx.) ptp 21” sleeve 22.5” shoulders 21.5 length 28.5”   $120 USD shipped.            
Brand new with tags. Unaltered. Iconic single breasted suit. Fantastic fabric. Soft padding / unstructured shoulders. Wide lapels. Trousers with side adjusters, no belt loops. Unhemmed.   SOLD   picture (Marcus Malmborg)
 same here...
Does anyone know what the prices were for the RTW/sample Francesco Sr. suits / sport coats during the Boxing Day sale at Leatherfoot?
Approximately 29".
any reason Galways can generally only be had on the 888 by going the MTO route?  all examples so far seem to turn out brilliant on the 888, yet all stores seem to have the Galways on anything but the 888
selling items VAT free for non-EU countries is standard practice. this is not a discount by any means, merely following laws/regulation. thus there is no discount for EU countries, and the countries receiving the tie will be paying their local taxes & customs anyway, so again no discount.
 You do realize that buying foreign currency doesn't work like that.... In any case, where would the USD come from to cover the short in the US market? Also the 1.3229 is the exchange rate, not a %. As for protecting leather boots, it would depend on the type of leather your chelseas are made from
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