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Thanks. I am a bit wary about buying clothes online though, I prefer trying it out. Anybody has informations about the fabrics, durability, buttons or other details of these shirts?
So I'll be going to NYC next week, but I'm a serious budget. I am thinking about buying some Pumas (the Pele's shown in the ADIDAS vs Puma thread) and a nice, slim-fitting shirt with a beautiful pattern. I have come to understand, via this forum, that two of the brands making that kind of shirts were TH and Band of Outsiders. Now, I'll probably not have the time to go to both store, I am with my family and shopping isn't their idea of a week-end in New York. So,...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I'm glad to see Israel finally defending itself again (much to the chagrin of the antisemites in the UN). I am no apologist for the UN and their dilettantes, but I find this accusation to be quite uncalled for. It is not like the matter was black and white like some israelis (who I support) would want us to believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoMak_NYC I like these Pumas too: Pele's Supers I totally dig these Pele's! Anybody knows where in Montréal or perhaps NYC (I'll be there in about a week, but I won't have much shopping time) I could pick up a pair of these?
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover Meh, it's probably worth the price for Wolf Parade alone. 80$ for the two days. Let's just say that going to see Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Wolf Parade and Islands on different gigs would be more expensive than that. By the way, thanks for the links, shoreman, I'll look at these!
I saw you guys earlier mentionned that blogs were the best thing to find out the better up and coming bands. Well, is there any blogs/forums/websites that you could recommend me? I've unfortunatly been relying quite a bit on Pitchfork to know what's up with music, but I find their reviews to be often totally stupid, so a bit of help wouldn't hurt. By the way, I just bought tickets for a new festival that will be set in Montréal. It will feature quite a few bands that I...
What's up with Jay Allen? He hasn't been around for a while. I asked for a t-shirt about a week ago and I didn't get any answer yet. He must be pretty busy, which is a good thing.
Perhaps femme is the word.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang What is un-summer about high ABV? To me it is the body (and as a derivative of that, the color) that makes a beer appropriate for summer. Have you tried the new "15" from Unibroue? It is their fifteenth anniversary brew and it is labeled "ale on lees" just as La Fin du Monde is so I am hoping it is similar. I have a bottle in my fridge but have not opened it yet. I used to like the Mexican beers but now I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I think Red Stripe is shite. It's like the Budweiser of Jamaica. You are right about the wheat beers. Brasserie Caracole's Troublette is one of my favorites. Unibroue's La Fin du Monde is a light Belgian Strong Ale that I like a lot as well. La Fin du Monde is one of my favorite too. But then again, Québécers are biased toward Unibroue. I am not sure however that I would include it in a 'summer beer'...
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