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Thanks, what's the price range for these belts? If its within my range I'll get one as soon as my tax returns arrives.
Well, I would like to post a picture of me with an EG belt, but I need one in the first place. Is there an online store carrying these, because I seriously doubt I can find one in Québec City. I think they carry EG at Boutique U&I in Montréal, perhaps I'll pick one up when I'm done with this semester and I can go to Montréal... But an online store would be the best way to go.
Well, you should post a picture of you wearing it, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan I'm with you on the glasses -- they are terrible, and I'm quite the fan of retro-nerdy-type glasses. These just don't suit him. As for the suit itself, I think it actually looks fine on him -- probably the best I've seen a TB suit worn. I really like glasses with rather thick frames that looks a bit on the nerdy side, in fact I'm considered buying some. Those are just horrible though. As for...
What strikes me is the guy's eyeglasses. I really hate them. As for the suit itself, well, let's just say that for the bucks it has set him back he could've had much, much better.
I used to but I stopped. It didn't produce that much fun anymore so it wasn't worth it.
Thanks a lot guys! Are Paul Smith's suits in the same category, i.e.: too fashion-forward?
Hi, I have seen some good comments about Costume National's garments in the past, both here and on the other forum. I have a few questions for our experts. 1. Are the cuts too fashion-forward for an interview with a law firm? 2. What is the retail price that I could expect? I am not willing to buy a suit online as I'm not sure the fit would be ideal. 3. Are these suits appropriate for a guy with my kind of shape? I am 5 foot 8, waist's 30 (perhaps even 29), chest...
I had registered just before the crash. I hadn't received my registration confirmation after a week so I basically was only a lurker. So here's my delayed first post on SF. Thanks for the efforts put on bringing this forum back!
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